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Strange Tales of the Flesh

Versions of this FilmLanguage (Type)
Strange Tales of the FleshEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
A quirky, humorous documentary that explores an array of strange, bizarre and mind-boggling acts and then explains the underlying science of how the acts are performed. Sword swallowing, tongue splitting, human suspension… how do they do it?
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Magic Tricks
Sword Swallowing
Tongue Splitting
Human Suspension
Runtime (in min.):60
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

Barna-Alper Productions

Discovery Channel Canada

Magic Tricks; Science; Sword Swallowing; Tongue Splitting; Human Suspension; Entertainment; Myth
Acting & Showbiz, Science, Research & Inventions, Physics, Mysteries & Phenomena, Hobbies & Leisure