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88 - Pilgrimage In Japanese

There’s a nearly unknown Buddhist pilgrimage in Japan: a circle along 88 temples. It’s strange. It’s older and longer than the Spanish pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. It’s probably the longest of all marked pilgrim-routes of the world: the hachiju-hakkasho! It circles the island of Shikoku. According to the temples, shrines and monks, Shikoku is called the "holy island". Pilgrims have been going here for 1,200 years, along a route of 1,300 km, marked by 88 temples. Normally only Japanese Buddhists walk the route. Some of them have done it over 300 times. Only by exception does a foreigner participate here. Like in the spring of 2007: A German pilgrim was on the road, on his own, joined by his camera. He was searching for "henro boke", the special state of mind of a pilgrim. That’s the aim of this amusing and self-ironic documentary.
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Runtime (in min.):88
Format:Digital Betacam
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Soundformat:Dolby Stereo SR
Year Of Production:2008
People featured in the FilmTypeComment
Gerald Kollinterviewee 
Hideo Fujikawainterviewee 
Hira Yusakuinterviewee 
Kajitani Shigetsuguinterviewee 
Kosho Omotointerviewee 
Makoto Satointerviewee 
Masahiko Monzeninterviewee 
Nobuo Morikawainterviewee 
Ogawa Masakiinterviewee 
Osamu Ohnointerviewee 
Shigeo Ishikawainterviewee 
Taiten Kouyamainterviewee 
Yuki Kawamurainterviewee 
Yves La Rose Durandinterviewee 
Festivals & Award CeremonyYearStatusAward
Hof International Film Festival2008screened

Gerald Koll (producer)


Gerald Koll


Gerald Koll


Gerald Koll

Film Editing:

René Perraudin


Arpad Bondy

Religion; Spirituality; Spanish Pilgrimage; Pilgrim; Japan; Sanctuary; Buddhism; Temple; Monk; Abbey
Society & Social Life, Religions & Faith, Buddhism, Other Persuasions