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Spartans at the Gates of Fire

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Spartans at the Gates of FireEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
90-Minute Special for Discovery Channel/Granada International/BBC Two
For 2,500 years, the Battle of Thermopylae has been hailed as one of the fiercest conflicts in the history of warfare. But is it really possible that just 7000 Spartan and Greek soldiers managed to hold off a Persian
invasion force 200,000 strong? With new research from the world´s top classical and military experts, powerful reconstructions and the latest computer graphics techniques, we bring the battlefield to life and investigate the truth behind this heroic myth.
´Fascinating research´ - New York Times
Trailer not available yet
Ancient History
Battle of Thermopylae
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Production Company:

Atlantic Productions

Ancient History; Battle of Thermopylae; History; Sparta; Greece; Persia; Archaeology; Military; Warfare
History, Lost Cultures, Ancient Greece, Science, Research & Inventions, Archaeology, Classic Archaeology