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A Whole New Life (Episode 12)

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A Whole New Life (Episode 12)English (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Life in a world-class medical center like the one at Duke University is certainly worth documenting. In the summer of 2000 we did just that. We stayed up all night and worked through weekends. We followed countless doctors and nurses and their patients in and out of Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units. We met many people facing life´s most difficult moments. What we found was humanity at it´s best. Hospital is a 13-hour series Advanced Medical Productions produced for the Discovery Channel. It takes place in the 24/7 world of Duke University Medical Center - named year after year as one of the best hospitals in America. The series captures real cases, as they happen, throughout the hospital. While we learn a lot about medicine, we learn even more about the human spirit and how people come together in trying times. Episode 12: A Whole New Life Kenny Parker has already undergone a heart transplant and now his lung has a spot that must be resected. Dr. Tom D´Amico uses a laparoscope to restore Kenny´s lungs to good health. Dr. Robert Sorrentino replaces Steve Glass´s pacemaker. Jose Alvarez, who lost his hand in an accident at work, returns to the Duke Prosthetic Department for a myoelectric hand. Mabel Dula ends up in the Duke ER after a car crash. Emergency Department Chief Kathy Clem and trauma surgeon, Greg Georgiade attend to her multiple injuries. Dr. Clem makes a special trip to see Dr. Ralph Snyderman, the Chancellor of Duke University Medical Center to discuss the future of Emergency Medicine at Duke.
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Reality TV
Medical Science
Duke University
Medical Care
Year Of Production:2000
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Reality TV; Medical Science; Emergency; Hospital; Duke University; Medical Care
Health, Medical Science & Psychology, Social Work & Health Care