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Guatemala - The Land Of Dead Girls

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    “I am poor – and therefore there is no justice for us,” says Catarina Macarrio. Her daughter Hilda narrowly escaped from the man who tried to rape her and almost killed her. Everyone knows the perpetrator, no-one is willing to talk, the police are not pursuing him. Woman are murdered every day in Guatemala. In the morning a corpse found in the riverbed, in the afternoon a dead woman in a garage driveway. A 22-year-old woman shot dead by unknown persons. A few blocks further on: four plastic bags. Their macabre contents: a young girl – dismembered. In 2005 alone 600 women were murdered in Guatemala. There is a special police unit here which deals with women’s murders. Cases solved: hardly any. Women’s organisations that support the victims’ families are threatened because they demand investigation, the rule of law and justice. And because they voice the suspicion that members of the police force themselves are involved in many murders. In Stefan Rocker’s dramatic film relatives of the victims express their grief and their anger in public – a desperate cry to the world for help.
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    South america
    Runtime (in min.):29
    Year Of Production:2006
    Countries of Production:Germany
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    Production Company:



    Stefan Rockers


    Stefan Rockers

    Crime; Punishment; South america; Murder; Women; Girl; Police; Government
    Delinquency & Violence, Law & Justice, Geography, Travel & Cultures, South America