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* A.B.C.D.T.O.P.O.L.

This film bio of Jáchym Topol captures the writer in different manifestations, as an ever-changing presence unfolding variations on himself. The tension in the film comes primarily from the struggle between words and images: between the written text and the computer screen upon which it unfolds,...

80 min 2002

* Aah... Tamara

Largely improvised short film in which a student earns a little extra as a guide on a tour boat in Amsterdam. To the great annoyance of her boyfriend, she flirts with the foreign tourists. The film was submitted for the Cannes Film Festival. With guest roles for e.g. Joris Ivens, Fons Rademakers...

28 min 1965

* Aan het helder strand der zee

Film essay, inspired by Hans Faverey´s poem "Gorter aan zee".

35 min 1992

* Aan zee

Short film in which a voice explains how nice it is in the apartment on the Belgian coast.

7 min 1995