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* A côté

Des femmes qui attendent, qui se font belles, qui se remontent le moral, qui craquent parfois espèrent toujours. Dans la petite maison de l’association Ti-Tomm, accolée au mur de la prison des hommes à Rennes, on attend l’heure du parloir. Les familles arrivent à l’avance, toujours. Quelques...

92 min 2007

* À côté(s)

L´auteur du film retourne dans la ville où elle a vécu, enfant. Elle y rencontre Béné, Def, Marcus, Micky et Nénes. Alors commence une aventure du regard.

45 min 2005

* A Crude Awakening

Is it really money that makes the world go round? If only it were so simple. Oil lubricates our global economy. Proof? 98% of the world’s transportation is directly dependent on oil. The film OilCrash, produced and directed by award-winning European journalists and filmmakers Basil Gelpke and...

85 min 2006

* A czego tu się bać

Villagers from Mazurian village talk about rituals, customs and beliefs regarding death. Their talk is ordinary just like in other topics, yet it is honest, eloquent and humorous. For them death is familiar, otherwise than for townsfolk who don’t have time to think about it. Yet paradoxically it...

39 min 2006

* A Day In The Smoke

A film depicting a bar in downtown Cairo where men of all social classes, young and old, meet and talk about money, politics and women. Here we meet the lawyer, the soldier, the mechanic, the homeless one and the shoe shine boy. They all smoke except for the young poet who writes down poetry from...

29 min 2008

* A Difficult Case

In 1984, Mrs A heard voices in her head. They said ´don´t be afraid´. They said she wasn´t crazy and they informed her she had a brain tumour. The remarkable story of a woman who owes her life to unseen angels and an eminent psychologist who was prepared to believe.

11 min. min 2005

* A Flood of Baath Country

Autour du lac Assad s´étend un pays, la Syrie de Hafez el Assad. De cette Syrie nouvelle, il a choisi un village. Ce village, ces habitants et jusqu´à son point d´eau, tous portent le même nom, " El machi ". Gouvernée par un chef de tribu, membre du parlement et régentée par son neveu...

46 min 2002

* A Friend for Supper

In this short film made during World War II, a teacher explains how children in Russia, China and occupied Europe are going hungry and how Canada is helping to remedy the situation.

10 min 1944

* A gdyby tak się stało

18-year old Thomas, the director´s son, returns to the park where twelve years ago he rode his scooter, looked at the peacocks and asked some existential questions to elderly people sitting on the benches (‘Anything Can Happen’). His interlocutors are no longer there but the boy looks back to that...

38 min 2007

* A Glimpse at the Storys

A behind the scenes look at The Storys and their thoughts on supporting Elton John on his UK tour.

5 min. min 2006

* A Great White Bird

This film documents the efforts of a group of Canadians and Americans to save the whooping crane from extinction. They display great determination in their dealings with this independent, pre-Ice Age creature. The issues of wild animals imprinting on people and the preservation of wild animals in...

52 min. min 1976

* A Guide To Taking a Photo

18 year old Rebecca Saunders has had to grow-up fast - helping to take care of her younger siblings and hold the family together in the wake of her mum´s illness.

3 min 2008

* A House in Jerusalem

Amos Gitais Dokumentarfilme sind unabhängige Produktionen, – sie sind gleichermaßen in ihrem Geist unabhängig und vermeiden konventionelle Formen, um neue Mittel zum Ausdruck von Ideen und Gefühlen zu entwickeln. Sowohl im Dokumentar- als auch im Spielfilm hinterfragt er durch Mittel wie den...

90 min 1998 HOUSE-Trilogie

* A House on the Prairie

This documentary describes the unfortunate legacy of the lone house on the prairie, an example of a dwelling entirely unsuited for the harsh winter or summer. We meet some builders and home owners experimenting with designs that are more energy efficient, such as the dome, the underground house and...

18 min. min 1978

* A Journey With Paul Cox

Paul Cox (°1940) was born in Holland, but started a whole new life after he emigrated to Australia in the early sixties. He gained wider recognition as a sensitive and highly personal filmmaker after the surprise hit "Man of Flowers" at the Cannes Film Festival of 1983. This was followed...

55 min 1997

* À l'écoute du loup

In 2005 in Quebec, we encounter men fascinated by wolves still living in the wild. Each man talks about his daily life with the animal and shares the strange feeling the invisible, mysterious wolf´s presence brings. Through these men, we go on a journey of initiation into listening to wolves.

40 min 2006

* À l'est de Walbrzych

Le cinéaste Max Hureau a traversé l´Europe de l´Est en filmant et en photographiant au quotidien le travail et les conditions de vie des mineurs du charbon. Sa fascination pour cette profession l´a emmené dans un périple de plus de 7000 km, de la Silésie polonaise jusqu´a la Sibérie centrale où s´...

57 min 2004

* A l'est du paradis

108 min 2005

* À l'ombre des grands chênes (Abel Gance)

Philippe Esnault, Clarisse Gance, Jany Holt, Robert Hossein, Claude Lafaye, Claude Lelouch, Pierre Mondy et Claude Pinoteau ont tous côtoyé, dans le privé ou dans le métier, l´une des plus grandes figures de l´histoire du cinéma : Abel Gance. Quels rapports ont-ils eus avec ce grand homme qui...

52 min 2005

* À la recherche de l'imparfait

Director Albert Wulffers produced and wrote the scenario for his short film A la recherche de l´Imparfait. Wulffers also plays the leading part: before the eye of the camera, he starts a search for his pen friend Agaathe, whom he has not seen for at least twenty years. Via the two saints St. Lucia...

8 min 2002

* Å leve i et minefelt

“In this country you have to make it on your own. If you are afraid and just stay at home, you will have no food to give to your children.” Cambodia has one of the highest numbers of mine injuries in the world. Almost fifty thousand Cambodians have been injured or killed by landmines. The war is...

56 min 2006

* A Man's World (Behind the Scenes Documentary)

A detailed behind ths scenes documentary on how to make an ultra-low budget short film. From rehearsing with professional boxers to the final shoot. Players include professional boxers such as Ricky Hatton W.B.U. lightweight champion, Michael Gomez British super featherweight champion. Shooting...

25 min. min 2003

* A Map with Gaps

A Map With Gaps is an account of a journey made by the director´s father through Soviet Russia in the early ´seventies, in a van he built and named Supervan. Utilising a combination of archive audio recordings and still photographs, drama reconstruction and animation, a surreal and comic tale...

26 min. min 2006

* A Medium at Large

Roy bills himself as an International Natural Medium. He earns a living visiting the houses of women in the poor English town of Chatham – and delving deep into their vulnerable side. His clients are quick to take him at his word, while his teenage son Mark has serious doubts. Painfully funny.

23 min. min 2007

* À propos du bunker

15 min 1999