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* 5x mijn kamer

Seventeen years ago, the then fourteen-year-old film maker Tamara Miranda was living in a room in De Verhulst, a home for working and studying girls in Amsterdam. By means of five portraits of women who have lived in the same room of this haven at different times, this documentary shows what it is...

54 min 2001

* 6 Forestillinger om frihet

6 Conceptions of Freedom is a study of Alexander Kiellands plass in Oslo, looking at the social and physical frames of imagination. It´s a documentary that explores loneliness and powerlessness in our ideal of ´freedom´. Is freedom a question of uncertainty or happiness, action or condition?

19 min 2006

* 60 Jahre Hessen

Als die US-Militärsregierung am 19. September 1945 das Land "Groß-Hessen" proklamiert, schafft sie ein völlig neues politisches, geographisches und soziales Gebilde. Es ist ein Experiment. Dass dieses neue Bundesland so erfolgreich würde, hätte sich 1945 kaum jemand träumen lassen.

200 min

* 66 Sezón

A film about the Košice swimming pool, the place where, according to the builder`s slogan, "history came to swim." Set between 1936 and 2002, the story reflects historical events that took place in central and eastern Europe during that period. Half-naked men and women lived through the...

86 min 2003

* 66 sezón

Seen through several stories which unfolded between the years 1936 and 2002, the film captures 66 seasons at the popular old swimming pool in Košice, and also the same number of years in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. The film is supported by the reminiscences of several visitors to the...


* 68 non-stop

En mai 1968, ouvriers et étudiants joignaient leurs forces dans la rue pour protester. Au-delà d´un combat pour le changement des mœurs, mai 68 fut le théâtre de la plus longue grève générale que la France ait jamais connue. Depuis, se pose la question de l´héritage et de la transmission de la...

57 min 2008

* 69

"69" is a documentary about a group of young people who didn´t see themselves, culturally or politically, as part of established society. In 1982 they lawfully occupied what was known as the Youth House (Ungdomshuset) at Jagtvej 69, on the outskirts of Copenhagen´s inner city. The film...

60 min 2008

* 7 Stages

L´hôpital de Liepaja en Lettonie a douze étages. Chacun d´eux a sa spécialité, de la traumatologie à la toxicomanie,de la maternité aux soins palliatifs où les mourants coulent leurs derniers jours. Le film se veut un voyage au travers dela vie en partant des différents étages de l´hôpital. Un...

52 min 2008

* 7. himmel

7th Heaven is an audio-visual travel that over several layers tells the story of Lars Kristian’s fight to win understanding and acceptance for himself and his art. We travel from our safe reality through the maze of Lars Kristian’s subdued soul. We share his humour, anxiety and razor sharp view...

56 min 2002

* 9 Leben

Der Film portraitiert Menschen, die schon sehr früh - oft schon im Alter von 11 oder 12 Jahren - entschieden haben, von zu Hause wegzugehen, und gezwungen waren, für eine bestimmte Zeit oder dauerhaft auf der Straße zu leben.

* 9 m2 pour deux

9m2 is the surface area of a cell shared by two inmates during their incarceration in prison. Through a series of powerful moments, the film documents the intimacy of this forced coexistence: friendship, indifference, confrontation, solitude…

94 min 2005

* 9/11

Ende Juni 2001 begannen die Brüder Jules und Gedeon Naudet in einem Feuerwehrhaus in New York zu filmen. Sie wollten den Alltag eines jungen Feuerwehrmannes zeigen, der, frisch von der Akademie kommend, seinen Job antrat. Das erschütterndste Ereignis, das während der folgenden Monate eintrat, war...

128 min. min

* 92 shots

92 Shots is the story of life in a nursing home for severely disabled people in Helsinki, Finland. 92 Shots is one of the films produced following Lars von Trier´s documentarist code or ´Dogumentarism´. The code is a set of rules which aims to prevent any manipulation of the images or objects in...

* 99 jours sur la glace

Après 99 jours et 1500 km parcourus, il n´y a plus de glace. Nous sommes en vie mais l´Arctique est en train de mourir.


* 99% Ærlig

The film crew has followed the band for two years, resulting in an intimate encounter with some very charming and open young people. They are all different but still find common ground through their passion for music and, not least, in finding their own space and identity amid conflicting demands...

74 min 2008

* A Battle for Honour

The story of a legendary battle between cavalrymen. June 1940, the unbeatable German advance was forcing the French army to surrender. The cadets of the school of cavalry in Saumur were about to become the first members of the ´Resistance´ as they put up a heroic defence against overwhelming odds.

44 min. min 2001

* A Beautiful Tragedy

Oksana Skorik (15) is a talented dancer. We follow her from the age of 14 until she is 16. She attends Perms Order of Honour Choreographic School, far east in Russia. She sees her parents twice a year. Life is about one thing: dance. Russian ballet is exceptional. It is a distinct part of...

60 min 2008

* A Boatload of Wild Irishmen

Robert Flaherty, the focus of this film, was the father of documentary, and one of cinema’s most influential figures. He was the first to show that filming the every day life of ‘real’ people could be moulded into dramatic, entertaining narratives.


* A Bunny Girl's Tale

A Bunny Girl´s Tale is a short documentary investigating the British story of the Playboy Bunny and how ´The Bunny Girl´ still persists in the collective imagination.

13 min. min 1998

* A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures follows independent filmmaker Chris Waitt as he interviews his ex-girlfriends in an attempt to find out why they dumped him. This revealing and humorous documentary sees the slacker filmmaker go on a sexual and emotional odyssey in a desperate quest to solve...

90 min. min 2007