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* 3269 Dagros

At the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, they have twelve window cows. These cows have a hole in the side of their body. But why do we want to know what is going on inside a cow? And how is the everyday life of the window cows? We follow a cow from her harmonious life in the stall...

25 min

* 37 Karteikarten zu Nabokov

Film über Vladimir Nabokov mit Unterstützung seines Sohns Dmitri Nabokov über das letzte unveröffentlichte Werk, das nur auf 37 Karteikarten überliefert ist.

* 44500 Max

The first and only Finnish perfumer, Max Perttula has always had a dream: to run a cosmetics business of his own with a product range of world-famous, self-made perfumes and cosmetics of high repute. Max created his first cold cream at the age of seven, and while his mates were playing football,...

58 min

* 4x4=een

Satirical documentary about people who drive off-the-road vehicles and the chairman of their association, art collector Wybe Tuinman.

30 min 1992

* 5 1/2 Roofs

More than 13,000 people in London live in squatted houses. 5 1/2 Roofs tells six stories about six different squats and their inhabitants. Six stories about life in the city.

84 min. min 2006

* 5 jan 64

The story behind an old and somewhat worn-out bass guitar. 5 January 1964 is the date of birth of this instrument, a Fender Precision. It is now possessed by director Leon Giesen, but was previously owned by Barry Baxendale. Giesen also has a booklet of Baxendale, in which the latter collected...

5 min 2001

* 500 Jahre Sankt Peter

“THOU ART PETER – and upon this rock I will build my church.” 1506 – 2006: 500 years of the New St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. April 18th 1506 saw the beginning of the end for the almost 1200-year-old St. Peter’s basilica on the Vatican Hill in Rome. For on this day, under the supervision of...

52 min 2005

* 500 Nations

Die achtteilige, von Kevin Costner produzierte und präsentierte Dokumentation ist momentan das Beste, was es auf Film zum Thema Indianergeschichte gibt. Mit aufwendiger Computertechnologie werden längst versunkene Städte wieder zum Leben erweckt. Der größte Teil des Films ist der Geschichte der...

394 min. min 1995

* 500 Stenkastende Autonome Voldspsykopater fra Helvede

"For sale! Including 500 violent stonethrowing psyko punks from Hell" – the sarcastic message from the controversial squat Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. After seven years of political discussions and court proceedings the activists were evicted from their house, popularly known as Jagtvej...

81 min 2007

* 500 Years Later

Crime, drugs, HIV/AIDS, poor education, inferiority complex, low expectation, poverty, corruption, poor health, and underdevelopment all plague people of African descent globally. Why? Five hundred years from the onset of slavery and subsequent colonialism, Africans are still struggling for basic...

106 min. min 2005

* 52 procent

Alla tries to get admitted to the famous Russian Academy of Ballet in St.Petersburg again. Adequate body proportions are the key criterion for admittance. Alla has to do some additional exercises in order tomake her legs longer – 52 percent is the ideal proportion between leg length and body...

19 min 2007

* 56 Fois et Encore

Un film sur la révolte du peuple hongrois en octobre 1956. L’idée d’être dans le “présent” de ce passé enparcourant des archives de nature très diverses tournées en 1956.

56 min 2007