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* 2000

40 people meet. 20 pairs. Each pair is a total of 100 years old. A one-year-old and a ninety-nine-year-old; a two-year-old and a ninety-eight-year-old; and so on and so forth. 2000 years of life.


* 234 km Berlin

Martin Sonneborn, der Chefredakteur des Satiremagazins "Titanic", umwandert zu Fuß die Hauptstadt und begegnet Sonderbarem und Sonderlingen.

* 25 Most Dangerous Places

5 episodes

30 min. per Episode min 2005

* 2Be

2Be is an original, dynamic, musical-documentary about human rights. Filmed over a period of five months, 2Be follows students from Abbeydale Grange School in Sheffield, UK - a school where over 51 different languages are spoken - as they develop a series of musical sequences about human rights...

30 min 2003

* 30 minuten - Een zijden draad

30 Minutes is a series of fake television documentaries with Arjan Ederveen playing the lead. In Because of Maartje he plays an elderly female politician who at last sees a chance of sitting in the chair she most cherishes, namely as guest in a late-night TV news show. In A little piece of my own...

30 min. per episode min 1996

* 3000 Mile Garden

A 6-hour series about the exchange of letters between two gardeners across the Atlantic that develops into a humorous and revealing relationship.

360 min 1992