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Around 10,000 football players turn up to the Peladão, making up 450 teams and 1,000 games. But that's not all. Beyond the renowned football competition, there is also an accompanying beauty pageant.

2:32 min

The Biggest Loser

The biggest winner is "The Biggest Loser" in this compelling new weight-loss reality drama in which two celebrity fitness trainers, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, join with top health experts to help 12 overweight contestants transform their bodies, health and ultimately, their lives....

The Dancing Game

The tough and sexy world of ballroom dancing and the quest to fulfill Olympic dreams.

60 min 1997

The Day of the Fight

Champions aren´t made in Gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. The Day of the Fight is a behind-the-scenes documentary on Manchester´s boxing gyms...

30 min 2003

The Endless Summer - The Search for the Perfect Wave

The definitive surf movie, this 1966 documentary by Bruce Brown is beautifully shot and thrilling to see in its portrait of youthful freedom on the world's shores. Brown followed two surfers around the globe in their quest for the perfect wave, finding it eventually on a remote beach far from...

95 min. min 1966

The Endless Summer - The Search for the Perfect Wave

Sommer, Sonne, Wellen und Wind - mehr braucht ein leidenschaftlicher Surfer nicht zum Glücklichsein. Da das mit dem Sommer aber so eine Sache ist -- bekanntlich dauert er meist nicht sonderlich lange --, machen sich zwei kalifornische Surfer auf, dem Sommer rund um den Globus hinterherzureisen....

95 min. min 1966

The King of South Shields

Experimental documentary looking at the day that Muhammad Ali came to Tyneside in 1977 and the effect that this event had on the young Yemeni-British men who attended the Mosque. This film examines the emerging Arab/British identity and briefly introduced this historic community.

24 min 2008

The Last Victory

Alljährlich findet das berühmte Pferderennen "Il Palio" auf dem Marktplatz von Siena statt. Dieses Jahr hat sich der kleinste Stadtteil, Civetta, vorgenommen, nach 24 langen Jahren endlich wieder die Ehre des Sieges nach Hause zu tragen. Der Film begleitet einige der leidenschaftlich...

88 min 2004

The Livingstons

Born in Smith Falls, Ontario, Gerry Livingston was a graduate of Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario. A gifted athlete, he started on basketball and football teams in high school and college. Mr. Livingston´s avid interest in sports was a definite plus for the town of Tolsonburg- He co-sponsored...

The Mountain Within

Seven disabled climbers set out to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and find something far more amazing than the summit.

87 min 2008

The Other Final

Als 2002 Deutschland und Brasilien um die Fußballweltmeisterschaft spielten, fand gleichzeitig ein anderes Finale statt. Das Team der karibischen Insel Montserrat reiste ins Königreich Bhutan im Himalaya, um dort the other final zwischen den Schlusslichtern der FIFA-Weltrangliste zu...

75 min 2003

The Road

Shot over a period of five years, The Road is a story for an audience who appreciates the conviction of an individual and the pursuit of a dream. We follow Syd Vanderpool, a celebrated Canadian boxer, as he navigates in the eye of an emotional tempest and rises from a dishebeled training facility...

84 min 2007

The Silver Surfari

An epic surf trip undertaken by the pioneers of surfing in Ireland, now grey bearded and bald, as they retrace their early footsteps along the wave rich West coast of Ireland. This feel-good historic documentary reveals a way of life far from the typical vision of Ireland through tales from the...

52 min 2008

The Sword of the Lord

This film records the extraordinary determination of Jungle Jim Hunter to be the best ski racer in the world. We witness the gruelling exercise routines, the pre-race tensions, the descents, the disappointments and the deep religious faith of this most dedicated athlete.

58 min 1976

The Wildest Dream

In 1924 George Mallory set out in hob nailed boots and a tweed jacket to be the first person to summit the highest point on the planet: Mount Everest. He was last seen 800 feet from the summit - then the clouds closed in and he disappeared into myth. 75 years later his body was discovered by the...

97 min 2008

Thriller in Manila

The Thriller in Manila was the greatest fight of all time. It was the third and final confrontation between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali, two men who hated each other. It was a personal hatred born out of the explosive racial politics of 1970s America. Yet, eight years earlier, these two men had...

90 min 2008

Thylungra - Sports Day in the Outback

At almost 1.5 million acres, Thylungra was the largest sheep station in Australia, possibly the world. In this film, people come together from as far as 300 miles away for a sports day to raise money for the Flying Doctor Service. The traditional gymkhana and tug of war is followed by a hotly...

3 min 1960


"There aren´t any boxers like me anymore, with such a character. You have Henry Maske or Rocchigiani or Axel Schulz who can´t box. But someone who has is all... He´s a bandit, he´s a nice guy. Good for the brothel, good for the opera. I´m at home in both worlds. You might think I´m an asshole...

60 min 2006


Detailliert beobachtete und in Bildern zerlegte Trainingsabläufe in einer Basketballhalle, die am Ende in die Eröffnung des Spiels münden.



Dokumentation. Zehn Athleten aus zehn Outdoor-Disziplinen starten einen Rekordversuch. In einem "Stapellauf" wollen sie in den Ötztaler Alpen vom höchsten Gipfel bis zum Tal gelangen. Mit dabei sind unter anderem ein Extremskifahrer, je ein Snow- und Skateboarder, ein Streetbiker, ein...


Touching the Void

Im Mai 1985 wagen Joe Simpson und Simon Yates die gefährliche Erstbesteigung der Westwand des 6.356 Meter hohen Siula Grande in den peruanischen Anden. Erschöpft aber euphorisch erreichen die beiden den Gipfel. Doch beim Abstieg stürzt Joe. Sein Kniegelenk ist zerschmettert. In den Anden ein...

106 min 2002

Touching the Void - Return to Siula Grande

The story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates´ return to the mountain of Siula Grande for the making of the film ´Touching The Void´.

24 min 2004

Trommeln für Deutschland - Berliner mit Migrationshintergrund feiern Klose & Co.

Die Neuköllner Sonnenallee am Samstag: Berliner mit Migrationshintergrund trommeln für Klose und Co..

5:08 min

Two Swimmers

At 21 miles wide and very, very cold, the English channel is regarded by the world over as one of the ultimate swimming challenges. Achieving such a goal can push both mind and body to their limits, and sometimes beyond.

24 min 2006

Über das Meer

Seit 126 Jahren haben Menschen versucht, den Ärmelkanal schwimmend zu überqueren. Lediglich bekleidet mit Badehose, Bademütze, Schwimmbrille und einer dicken Fettschicht am Leib, versuchen Frauen und Männer, den Kanal zu überwinden und in Frankreich anzukommen. Doch nur wenigen ist es bisher...

90 min