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The Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced

A modern expedition follows the trail of E. H. Harriman's 1899 exploration of the Alaskan coast, the Bering Sea and Siberia.

111 min 2003

The Last Tomb Raider

Giovanni Belzoni is one of the greatest trailblazers in the history of archaeology. A century before Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamun, Belzoni single-handedly uncovered eight of the richest tombs ever discovered in the Valley of the Kings, unearthed the Temple complex of Abu Simbel, and...

The Lost Expedition

A documentary film about one of the greatest mysteries in the history of exploration: the extraordinary story of John Franklin, the explorer who sailed into the Arctic in search of a Northwest Passage and never came back. Two ships and 129 men vanished without a trace. Their disappearance spawned...

70 min 2004

The Nobel - Visions of Our Century

Narrated by South African literature laureate Nadine Gordimer, this one-hour film examines the discoveries that shaped the moral, social, and technological fabric of the 20th century and notions of peace and science, scientific discovery, and responsibility that prevailed over the course of the...

60 min 2001

The Real Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson was the first woman to fly solo from the UK to Australia in 1930 and she came to symbolise the struggle for equality for thousands of women. When the plane she was flying crashed in mysterious circumstances, the British nation mourned her death. This is the real story of the conflict-...

50 min

The Real Treasure Island

Before there was Pirates of the Caribbean, there was Treasure Island. Critics hail it as the most famous pirate story in history. Since its publication over a century ago, Robert Louis Stevenson´s Treasure Island popularized the most potent symbols of pirate lore: swashbuckling seamen, uncharted...

60 min

The Search for Atlantis - The True Story

One-Hour Special for five/Two-Hour Special for A&E THE SEARCH FOR ATLANTIS takes viewers on a breathtaking journey across the globe and through history, charting man´s unending search for the ideal society. Thinkers as diverse as Columbus, Hitler and Jules Verne have been drawn to its aura and...

52 min 2000

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Building the Impossible

3 x One-Hour Series for five/Discovery Channel The wondrous structures built by the three great civilisations of antiquity, Egypt, Greece and Rome, have fascinated man for over a hundred generations. Now we bring them together for the first time, in a series that captures the grandeur, majesty and...

180 min 2000

The West

The West, a nine-part series, chronicles the turbulent history of one of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth – a mythic landscape, simultaneously enticing and forbidding, filled with stories of both heartbreaking tragedy and undying hope. Beginning in the era when the land belonged...

537 min 1996

The Wildest Dream

In 1924 George Mallory set out in hob nailed boots and a tweed jacket to be the first person to summit the highest point on the planet: Mount Everest. He was last seen 800 feet from the summit - then the clouds closed in and he disappeared into myth. 75 years later his body was discovered by the...

97 min 2008

Tom Crean Antarctica's Forgotten Hero

Kerryman, Tom Crean, became one of the most indestructible heroes in the history of Antarctic exploration, taking part in three of the greatest Antarctic expeditions. Using a wealth of photographic and film archive, and interviews with leading polar historians, this documentary tells of his...

52 min 2002

Tony Robinson's Big Titanic Adventure

Tony Robinson accompanies James Cameron, director and producer of the blockbuster film Titanic, on a poignant farewell to the most spectacular shipwreck in history.

120 min 2005

Touching the Void

Im Mai 1985 wagen Joe Simpson und Simon Yates die gefährliche Erstbesteigung der Westwand des 6.356 Meter hohen Siula Grande in den peruanischen Anden. Erschöpft aber euphorisch erreichen die beiden den Gipfel. Doch beim Abstieg stürzt Joe. Sein Kniegelenk ist zerschmettert. In den Anden ein...

106 min 2002

Touching the Void - Return to Siula Grande

The story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates´ return to the mountain of Siula Grande for the making of the film ´Touching The Void´.

24 min 2004

Uncovering a Pirate's Graveyard

NBC for Discovery News A special on the breaking news of locating Captain Kidd´s ship.

23 min 2000