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Ich wurde adoptiert

Daniel K., Manager einer multinational tätigen Firma, war als Kind adoptiert worden. Er wusste das schon immer, aber erst als er über vierzig war, begann er sich für seine Herkunft wirklich zu interessieren. Mit der Unterstützung seiner Adoptiveltern suchte er seine leiblichen Eltern. Er hatte...

35 min NZZ Format

"2-3 Straßen": Wo Mieter Ausstellungsobjekte sind

Drei Straßen und rund 80 Menschen, die für ein Jahr mietfrei in eine Wohnung in Duisburg, Dortmund und Mülheim an der Ruhr einziehen und über ihre Erfahrungen eine Art Tagebuch führen. So lautet die Versuchsanordnung für eines der ungewöhnlichsten Projekte der Ruhr.2010.

"All F***ed Up"

A short hard-hitting film which explores the stark and disturbing complex racist mind of a Neo-Nazi. Based on the stabbing to death of a black boy by two Neo-Nazis in Norway and the hanging of another teenager in Britain in a racially motivated killing.

1 min 2001

"Das Boot ist voll"

Nach dem Minarettverbot macht die Schweizer Volkspartei mobil gegen Deutschland und schürt alte Ängste der Schweizer vor deutscher Übermacht. Einwanderer haben dort zur Zeit wenig zu lachen und werden teils massiv in anonymen Briefen bedroht. report MÜNCHEN beobachtet die hitzige Debatte in der...

"Versteh mich nicht falsch!": Gesten weltweit - ein Handbuch

Wer in der Fremde ist ohne die Sprache zu können, der verständigt sich eben mit Händen und Füßen ... irgendwie. Doch Vorsicht: Auch Gestensprache ist schwere Sprache - und kann zu folgenreichen Missverständnissen führen. Zum Glück gibt es jetzt ein kleines, internationales Lexikon der nonverbalen...

"Welcome" - ein Flüchtlingsdrama!: Die Flucht eines jungen Kurden, dessen einziger Ausweg es ist, durch den Ärmelkanal zu schwimmen

Es ist ein ergreifender Film, der jetzt in die Kinos kommt und der wie kaum ein anderer die Wahrheit über Flüchtlinge, die nach Frankreich kommen, schildert. Quer durch Europa ist Bilal geflohen und sein einziger Ausweg um nach England zu kommen, ist mitten im Winter durch den Ärmelkanal zu...


A group of inspiring African teenagers brought illegally or trafficked into the UK overcome desperate situations and build new lives for themselves in London. The girls face deportation on their 18th birthdays under current Home Office rules. This film asks them what they long for and where they...

10 min. min 2007

* Kill Gil (Vol. 2 e 1/2)

Kill Gil (Vol. 2 e 1/2) completa la trilogia legata alla vicenda di Gil Rossellini, colpito da una rara patologia e dal 2004 costretto su una sedia a rotelle. Racconta, come gli altri, la lotta contro la malattia e gli impegni nei festival cinematografici del regista, accompagnati dall´enorme...

75 min 2008

* Kinder. Wie die Zeit vergeht.

Der letzte Teil der Stau- Trilogie zeigt mit Material aus 20 Jahren deutsche Lebensläufe in drei Generationen.

86 min 2008

... dann leben sie noch heute. Das Ende der unendlichen Geschichte

1961, vierzehn Tage nach Beginn des Mauerbaus, startet Regisseur Winfried Junge das Filmprojekt KINDER VON GOLZOW im Oderbruch. Diese inzwischen älteste Langzeitchronik der Filmgeschichte zeigt das Heranwachsen und die Schicksale von Menschen einer Generation, die vor knapp fünf Jahrzehnten...

278 min 2006 Die Kinder von Golzow

...More Than 1000 Words

Ziv Koren´s photographs have become instantly recognizable icons that have helped to shape our perception of the conflict in the Middle East. In "More Than 1000 Words" director Solo Avital followed internationally awarded Ziv over a two-year period, shooting in the heart of riots, terror...

78 min 2006


This documentary is the film version of the controversial play 06 that was very successfully performed in the spring of 1994, directed by Johan Doesberg. During the play, the members of the audience, each in his or her own cubicle, looked at a video screen and used their own switching mechanism to...

87 min 1994

1 Rit / Voyage

A poetic road movie that sketches a portrait of Brussels and its population, by means of a tramway that crosses the most diverse communities. Every day, tram 18 takes its passengers along an 18-kilometre tour through Brussels. To some conductors, it’s ‘a line where you can taste life’. To others...

26 min 2005

10 Bulls

From 12th-century China, to 21st-century London, a parable of life. In Ten Bulls, Kim Bour has taken the Chinese master Kakuan´s illustrated fable of the herdsman in search of the elusive bull, and presented it as modern epic of mankind´s struggle for understanding. Trapped by modern life, we...

21 min. min 2005

10 Geboden - Brieven aan God

In this triptych, director Vuk Janic examines how the attitude of parents towards (the first part of) the first commandment I, the Lord, am your God is determined by their children´s fates. A woman, who has become pregnant after a long period of doubt and perseverance, cherishes a vague but hopeful...

50 min 2000

10 Geboden - Een staat van zijn

`Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy´. In order to adapt the fourth commandment to the screen, director Paul Cohen is forced to work on the days when other people look for relaxation. The result is that during his quest, he gradually becomes the subject of his film. He concludes that in our...

49 min 2000

10 Geboden - Eert uw vade en uw moeder

EERT UW VADER EN UW MOEDER, from the fifth commandment, is a sequel to a documentary that director Niek Koppen made in 1987 about the life of the then 10-year-old Roland. The boy was living in a foster home, because his own parents were unable to raise him. It seems that Roland, now 22, does not...

49 min 2000

10 Geboden - Het was weer zondig

The seventh commandment reads Thou shalt not commit adultery, but what is adultery? In director Fatima Jebli Ouazzani´s view, the answer to this question is not unequivocal. In any case, not monogamy, but trust is sacred. For example, after 22 years of marriage, a man suggests to his wife to look...

50 min 2000

10 Geboden - Noch zijn ezel

Director Jos de Putter took the film title from the tenth and last commandment You shall not covet your neighbour´s house; you shall not covet your neighbour´s wife or his male servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbour. In the film, images of a donkey connect...

49 min 2000

10 Geboden - Privé

Episode from a ten-part series of documentaries about the ten commandments. Privé looks at the eighth commandment, ´thou shalt not steal´, and focuses on the desire to possess... and hence also, sometimes, to steal. In the film, we do not just see children who admit to knowing about stealing...

50 min 2000

10 min.

Through the reading of a witness declaration, ‘10 min.’ narrates how a young girl winds up in a prostitution ring.

19 min 2008

100% Greve

A film about choices, changes and growing up, but most of all about love. Too young to get into discos and with an appetite for life that can’t be satisfied at the local youth club, a group of 15-year-olds find their beat on the urban transit running up and down the coast. Culturally they are a...

88 min 2004

100% Menneske

When Monica was born, her parents believed she was a boy. They named her Morten. In April 2002 Monica, then 22, had her body surgically corrected to make it fit her real sex. Her mother believes the alternative would have been a grave. Most of us can relate to a search for a true identity. Very...

73 min 2004

1000 Rosen

Feature début by stage director Theu Boermans based on a play by Gustav Ernst. The economy of a small provincial town is dependent on a huge wire factory. When the factory goes bankrupt, that also marks the end of a small family firm. Tensions between the staff get more and more extreme until...

103 min 1994

10e Chambre instants d'audiences

Between May through July 2003, Raymond Depardon and his crew got special authorization to film the hearings at the 10th district court in Paris. Ten years after “Caught in the Acts,” the filmmaker pursues his investigations into civic matters with this unexpected account the judicial system at work...

105 min 2004