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    Ergebnisse 1 - 25 von insgesamt 223 in Delinquency & Violence
    Thailand: Im Zentrum des Aufstands

    Sie wirken wie Bühnenbilder für ein Revolutionsdrama: Die Bambusbarrikaden von Bangkok. Damit kontrollieren die rebellierenden Rothemden alle Zugänge zum zentralen Geschäftsviertel, das sie seit Wochen besetzt halten. Und eine Bühne bildet das Zentrum dieses Aufstandes. Polit-Unterhaltung wird...

    7:03 min

    The Blade

    Polash, a 14-year-old British-Bangladeshi school going boy, has become mentally imbalanced to see the death of his classmate Freddy, a British-African boy, on his lap. An egoistic clash between Polash’s two other classmates John, an English boy and Nafiz, a British-Pakistani boy, brings death to...

    60 min 2008

    The Bribe and the Bullet

    Two high profile assassinations rock Mexican society. Both Cardinal Archbishop Posadas Ocampo and presidential candidate Luis Donalso Colosio were killed mysteriously. Their deaths reveal the explosive struggles between Mexico´s government, its elite families and drug traffickers. THE BRIBE AND THE...

    60 min 1996

    The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo

    Winner of the Sundance Special Jury Prize in Documentary and the inspiration for a 2008 U.N. Resolution classifying rape as a weapon of war, this extraordinary film, shot in the war zones of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), shatters the silence that surrounds the use of sexual violence as a...

    76 min 2007

    The Holy Hijacker

    On 2nd May, 1981 fifty-five year old ex-Trappist monk Laurence James Downey boarded Aer Lingus flight EI 164 from Dublin to London. Five minutes out of Heathrow Downey went to the toilet, doused himself in petrol before going to the cockpit with a cigarette lighter in hand. He hijacked the plane...


    The Maze

    The Maze


    The Mystery of the Missing Earl

    The tale of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the 10th Earl of Shaftesbury, who went missing on the French Riviera in November 2004. The finger of suspicion soon pointed toward his wife and her brother, who were convicted of the crime two years after the aristocrat´s body was discovered in the Alps.

    60 min Real Crime

    The Prisoner

    Tell me the truth! What truth? An Interrogation The Prisoner Or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair details the life of the Iraqi journalist Yunis Khatayer Abbas, who was falsely incarcerated for eight months, wrongly accused of being an insurgent planning to kill the British Prime Minister Tony...

    54 min 2006

    The Real CSI

    The Real CSI

    30 min

    The Real LAPD

    This major series gains unprecedented access to the Los Angeles Police Department. It attained record ratings on the Discovery Channel and achieved one of five´s highest ratings for a primetime factual program on its premiere.

    360 min

    The Real Miami Vice

    6 x Half-Hour Series for Discovery Channel/five THE REAL MIAMI VICE goes behind the scenes to reveal the day-to-day problems faced by the officers of the Miami Police. It uncovers the characters of the force and highlights the very unique and different problems they face every day on patrol....

    180 min 2001

    The Real Untouchables

    3 x One-Hour Series for TLC Between the World Wars America faced its own war - a war on crime. Prohibition engulfed America in violence and corruption. Gangsters believed they were Untouchable - beyond the reach of the law. But a new breed of lawman showed how to fight back. They were The Real...

    180 min 2001

    The Science of Interrogation

    nterrogation is an elaborate game of cat and mouse, an intellectual duel akin to cracking a code. The Science of Interrogation reveals the meticulous tricks of psychology, and the cutting edge technology in the interrogator´s arsenal, all designed to extract the truth a prime suspect does not want...

    60 min

    The Tower

    The Tower

    400 min 2004

    Tiefenschärfe: Guatemala – Krieg in den Städten

    Miquel Dewever Plana wollte verstehen, wie es möglich ist, dass ein Land nach 36 Jahren Krieg, von 1961 bis 1996, wieder einer anderen Form des Krieges verfallen ist, der Gewalt in den Städten. Das Phänomen der Maras, der Gangsterbanden mit ihren Tätowierungen, ist der extremste Ausdruck dieser...

    To Kill or to Cure

    A compelling and controversial look at a problem that goes back to Cain´s murder of Abel: how should we deal with crime? The filmmakers travel the globe to look at the most fascinating examples of justice on the planet - from the harsh punishments of China and the Middle East to more merciful...

    120 min 2003


    Wenn der Mann zum Feind wird Fünf Frauen aus Deutschland und Frankreich erzählen von brutalen Gewaltverhältnissen in ihrer Ehe, traumatischen Trennungserfahrungen und ihrem Kampf darum, dass ihre Kinder trotz allem ein möglichst unbeschwertes Leben führen können. Hinter ihnen liegt eine endlose...

    52 min 2005


    When Your Husband Becomes Your Enemy Five women from Germany and France tell of the harsh, violent reality of their married lives, traumatic experiences with separation and their struggle to enable their children to lead as unencumbered a life as possible despite all that has happened. They have...

    52 min 2005

    True Tales of Terror

    The true stories of the worlds most infamous serial killers are brought to life on the small screen.


    Tschechische Republik: Stromprüfer aus dem Terrorcamp

    Wenn es so richtig Hundekalt ist über Wochen und der Strom noch wichtiger ist als sonst, da geht Pavel Škranc zu seiner eigenen Sicherheit in den Keller und schaut nach dem Stromzähler. Denn 2007 war bei diesem eine Plombe defekt - sein Energiekonzern dachte es sei Manipulation, stellte den...

    2:56 min

    Turning Points of History

    Now in its eighth season the internationally acclaimed documentary series Turning Points of History examines events of the 20th Century that have changed the world we live in. It allows us to watch history as it unfolded through the eyes of eyewitnesses and principal players. The narrative approach...

    60 (per episode) min 2001

    Über menschliche Freiheit

    Unser Gefühl frei zu sein, Entscheidungen nach Abwägung des Für und Wider zu treffen und dann auch dafür die Verantwortung zu tragen, Autoren unseres Lebens zu sein, wird heute von einigen Neurowissenschaftlern, aber von je her von Deterministen unterschiedlicher Couleur, als eine Illusion...

    63 min 2008 uni auditorium

    Un coupable idéal

    On May 7, 2000, in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn in Jacksonville, Florida, 65-year-old Mary Ann Stephens is shot in the head before her husband's very eyes. Ninety minutes later, 15-year-old Brenton Butler is arrested. Everything is against him: he is formally identified by the only eye-...

    111 min 2002

    Unrecht in Afghanistan

    Vier tote Zivilisten, ein toter Soldat – die Bilanz eines Selbstmordanschlages auf einen NATO-Konvoi. Zyniker würden sagen: Alltag in Afghanistan. Vor drei Tagen hat der Bundestag beschlossen noch mehr deutsche Soldaten an den Hindukusch zu entsenden. Und auch das sogenannte zivile Engagement soll...

    Unter der Brücke von Miami

    Sexualstraftäter müssen in Miami nach der Haftentlassung unter einer Brücke hausen: Sie sind seit 2005 per Gesetz verpflichtet, 750 Meter Abstand von Schulen und Kindergärten einzuhalten. In der Metropole Miami ist die Julia Tuttle Causeway Brücke der einzige Ort, der ihnen zum Wohnen übrig bleibt...