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    Affairs of the Crown

    Affairs of the Crown

    60 min 2004 Days That Shook the World

    Baudouin 1

    The former king of Belgium who died in 1993 speaks after his death in the first person about his own fabricated image by Belgian politics and population. The film shows troughout his eyes 50 years of Belgian History. Far from a hagiographic portrait this film interprets the filmic archive of one of...

    51 min 2002

    Days That Shook the World

    Episodes include: - The Coronation/The Death of Diana - Tutankhamun´s Tomb/Deciphering the Rosetta Stone - The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand/The Death of Hitler - Kristallnacht/The Birth of Israel - The Assassination of Rev Martin Luther King/The Release of Nelson Mandela - Fermi/Chernobyl -...


    Di's Guys

    Documentary looking at the men who Princess Diana had relationships with before her death.

    120 min 2004

    Diana - The Witnesses in the Tunnel

    For one night the press photographs of Princess Diana´s car accident became the most expensive ever, but when Diana died they became worthless. Those who possessed them were hounded and for some their careers destroyed. The photographers have never felt able to tell their side of the story - until...

    60 min 2007

    Diana's Will

    This programme looks at the bitter fallout surrounding the Princess of Wales´ estate.

    60 min

    Queen of Sheba - Behind the Myth

    One-Hour Special for BBC Two/Discovery Channel The Queen of Sheba is one of the most alluring names in history, synonymous with the exotic and erotic, but until now her real story has remained elusive. Who was she? Did she have a child by King Solomon of Israel? And how did her nation grow so...


    Royal Journey

    A documentary account of the five-week visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Canada and the United States in the fall of 1951. Stops on the royal tour include Québec City, the National War Memorial in Ottawa, the Trenton Air Force Base in Toronto, a performance of the Royal...

    54 min 1951

    The British Upper Class

    In the final part of Channel 4´s Class in Britain series, James Delingpole presents a defence of the aristocracy.

    60 min

    The First Emperor

    The First Emperor

    110 min 2006

    The Mysterious Death of Alexander the Great

    One-Hour Special for five/Discovery Channel Intrigue and suspicion have surrounded the untimely demise of Alexander the Great since the day he died. With the assistance of Detective John Grieve of Scotland Yard, the latest historical research, and the analysis of experts in ancient poisons and...

    60 min

    The Mystery of the Missing Earl

    The tale of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the 10th Earl of Shaftesbury, who went missing on the French Riviera in November 2004. The finger of suspicion soon pointed toward his wife and her brother, who were convicted of the crime two years after the aristocrat´s body was discovered in the Alps.

    60 min Real Crime

    Travels with Diana

    Princess Diana´s private secretary Patrick Jephson, re-traces some of the journeys he made with Diana and reminisces about his own experiences of working for her, and what was really going on behind the tabloid headlines.

    60 min 2006