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A Wire Through the Heart (Episode 3)

The story of the struggle to cross a vast continent and build the telegraph line that would bring Australia to the world and the world to Australia. Australia in the mid 1800s was a land isolated by distance and divided between two very different cultures. John McDouall Stuart, a migrant from...

55 min 2007 Constructing Australia

Admission Impossible

For much of the 20th century, successive Australian governments pursued a policy of deporting and barring entry to any race of people they considered undesirable. This was known as the White Australia policy. Admission Impossible is the true story of the behind-the-scenes political forces and the...

54 min 1992

Are You Fair Dinkum?

Part of the series The Migrant Experience Is there such a thing as an Australian identity? This program explores the notion of an Australian way of life, how it may have been shaped by migration and the response of migrants to it. It looks at how attitudes to cultural diversity have changed and...

55 min 1985 The Migrant Experience

Australia and Your Future - No. 1 Men Wanted

This is the story of Pat Oliver, an ex-sailor of the Royal Navy who came to Australia to build a new life after the Second World War. Like thousands of others, Pat was attracted by the opportunities on offer in a developing nation. The film paints a glowingly positive portrait of working and living...

10 min 1947

Australia's Own (Episode 2)

Australia’s airline history is a saga of daring feats, can-do attitude, pig-headed visionaries, iron-fisted politicians, warring pilots; of humble beginnings and mega deals. The story begins in World War One with the death-defying exploits of four bold young airmen—Norman Brearley,...

55 min 2007 Air Australia

Australian Biography

Since 1991, Film Australia has been collecting material for an exceedingly valuable resource: the Australian Biography project. Now in its eleventh series, the project records the lives of some of the most extraordinary Australians of our time. Their personal stories form the basis of what could be...

26 (per episode) min 2007

Australien - Kontinent aus Feuer

Als vor 50.000 Jahren die Aborigines nach Australien einwanderten, konnten sie bereits Feuer entfachen und Buschbrände bezwingen. Ihre frühe Meisterschaft des Feuers prägt die Geschichte der gesamten Menschheit. Der Film erzählt das Werden des roten Kontinents aus dem Element, das von jeher seine...

45 min 2000

Blood Brothers

A series containing Broken English, Freedom Ride, From Little Things, Big Things Grow, Jardiwarnpa - A Warlpiri Fire Ceremony Four extraordinary stories of Aboriginal Australia are told in this acclaimed series from producers/directors Ned Lander and Rachel Perkins. Blood Brothers documents and...


Canvas & Sticks

Australiမs airline history is a saga of daring feats, can-do attitude, pig-headed visionaries, iron-fisted politicians, warring pilots; of humble beginnings and mega deals. The story begins in World War One with the death-defying exploits of four bold young airmen—Norman...

55 min 2007 Air Australia

Country Song

A senior Aboriginal man reflects on communication the old way. But times have changed and this old man now has a new way!

2 min 2007

Desert People

When this film was made, there was still a handful of family groups living a nomadic life somewhere in the heart of the Gibson Desert. Desert People tells of a day in the life of two such families. Djagamara and his family were filmed where they had camped, beside an unusually plentiful supply of...

49 min 1967

Dhakiyarr vs the King

The family of the great Yolngu leader Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda is searching for answers. Seventy years after his controversial murder trial and subsequent disappearance, Dhakiyarr´s body has still not been found. His descendants know that justice was not served. They want to restore what was denied to...

56 min 2004

Die ersten Eindringlinge

Seit vielen Jahrtausenden leben die Aborigines als Nomaden in den Weiten des riesigen australischen Kontinents. Sehr eng mit "ihrem Land" verbunden hatten sie gelernt, sich dem Klima, den Jahreszeiten und den Ressourcen anzupassen. Mit primitiven Werkzeugen und Waffen nehmen sie der Natur...

45 min Aborigines - Triumph der Nomaden

Double Trouble

Can´t find what you are looking for? All you have to do is ask. Such advice is not so straightforward when you can´t speak the language. This short film takes a light-hearted look at the difficulties experienced by non-English speaking migrants in Australia. Bob and Stan, two Aussie blokes, are...

10 min 1951

Exile in Hell

Tasmania 1822. Alexander Pearce from Co. Monaghan and seven other transported convicts made a bid for freedom from Sarah Island in Maquarie Harbour – considered the most notorious and brutal penal colony in the British Empire. Escaping through terrain that to this day remains unexplored, the men...

52 min 2007

Film Australia's Immigration

Film Australia's Immigration

First Encounters

Part of the series The Migrant Experience This program looks at how immigrants have been received upon their arrival in Australia. It explores the expectations, fears and challenges of these new immigrants in first meetings between new and old settlers as well as the migrants´ desire to play a...

55 min 1985 The Migrant Experience

Fortress Australia - The Secret Bid for the Atomic Bomb

This is a story all Australians should know about. Students of history, politics and science will find it illuminating. Teachers will find it a particularly useful resource. RICHARD BUTLER, CHIEF OF UN SPECIAL COMMISSION TO DISARM IRAQ 1997-1999 Fortress Australia uncovers one of the most...

55 min 2002

Hidden Treasures - Inside the National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia is the country’s largest reference library with over nine million items in its collection, including a surprising number of art works. Yet visitors to the library glimpse only a fraction of the collection with many fragile items unable to be placed on permanent...


Infamous Victory - Ben Chifley's Battle for Coal

This is a story of coal, communism, and the Australian prime minister who went to war against his own during the national miners’ strike of 1949. Using rare archival footage and re-creations based on meticulous research, the dramatised documentary takes viewers into the corridors of power to show...

55 min 2008

Journey of a Nation

Although it was commissioned as government propaganda, master documentary filmmaker John Heyer has transformed this film about the standardisation of rail gauges into a heroic poem to the nation. When it was made, there were no less than five different sizes of rail track between the mainland...

11 min 1947

Land of the Morning Star

The western half of the island of New Guinea has been known by many names including Netherlands New Guinea, West Papua, Irian Jaya and Papua. Narrated by Rachel Griffiths, Land of the Morning Star reveals the rich and turbulent history of a troubled country, swept up in the power-play of...

55 min 2004

Lonely Boy Richard

Richard Wanambi is about to go to prison for a long time. He knows what it´s like. He´s been there before... In Australia´s Northern Territory three-quarters of the people behind bars are Indigenous men. Lonely Boy Richard is an intimate account of one man´s journey to jail. In Richard´s home of...

55 min 2003

Menzies and Churchill at War

It follows Menzies to London during the dark months of 1941 as he takes on the British Prime Minister over the strategic direction of the war, telling the story of Menzies’ political epiphany from his own point of view. The film introduces the controversial theory that Menzies became so alarmed by...

55 min 2008