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    Nordirland - Frieden für St. Patricks Kinder?

    Northern Ireland – known to many as a divided land, scene of a bloody civil war between Protestants and Catholics. In 1998 the hostile parties signed a Peace Agreement, in May 2007 they formed a power-sharing government led by the Protestant Ian Paisley and the Catholic and IRA man Martin...

    45 min 2007


    Rehearsals is an impressionistic snapshot of Belfast as Northern Ireland feels its way towards the future. The film revolves around groups of musicians and artists rehearsing in their homes or pubs whilst voices and images of Belfast remind us of the stark and poignant realities of everyday life.

    38 min 2005


    Sunday tells the story of an infamous day in Derry, North of Ireland and how the events of that day were subsequently covered up by the British Government of the time. On Sunday 30 January 1972 a peaceful civil rights march against internment (imprisonment without trial), organised by the...

    93 min 2002