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    Ergebnisse 1 - 25 von insgesamt 79 in Racism & Extremism
    "All F***ed Up"

    A short hard-hitting film which explores the stark and disturbing complex racist mind of a Neo-Nazi. Based on the stabbing to death of a black boy by two Neo-Nazis in Norway and the hanging of another teenager in Britain in a racially motivated killing.

    1 min 2001

    ...More Than 1000 Words

    Ziv Koren´s photographs have become instantly recognizable icons that have helped to shape our perception of the conflict in the Middle East. In "More Than 1000 Words" director Solo Avital followed internationally awarded Ziv over a two-year period, shooting in the heart of riots, terror...

    78 min 2006

    A Massacre Foretold

    What does it feel like to know that you are about to be killed? Nearly a decade ago, a terrified village in southern Mexico sought refuge in a small wooden church and awaited their inevitable fate. Several hours later, 45 of them were dead. Until now the full story of the massacre at Acteal has...

    58 min 2007

    Admission Impossible

    For much of the 20th century, successive Australian governments pursued a policy of deporting and barring entry to any race of people they considered undesirable. This was known as the White Australia policy. Admission Impossible is the true story of the behind-the-scenes political forces and the...

    54 min 1992

    Another African Story

    The conflict in Darfur, an area in West Sudan the size of France, is sustained by sinister forces. Since 1993, the government of Sudan has supported the northern Arabs in a civil war against the southern black population. The Arabs confiscated land and houses, millions of people have been killed,...

    52 min 2004

    Another African Story

    Il Darfur, una regione nell'ovest del Sudan, è definita dall'Onu la ´´peggiore crisi umanitaria del mondo´´. Dal Febbraio 2003 si combatte un sanguinosi conflitto tra due gruppi ribelli autoctoni che rivendicano maggiori risorse e rappresentanza politica per le proprie popolazioni ed il...

    52 min 2004

    Blood Brothers

    A series containing Broken English, Freedom Ride, From Little Things, Big Things Grow, Jardiwarnpa - A Warlpiri Fire Ceremony Four extraordinary stories of Aboriginal Australia are told in this acclaimed series from producers/directors Ned Lander and Rachel Perkins. Blood Brothers documents and...


    Blue Eyed

    Jane Elliott, ehemalige Lehrerin aus dem Mittelwesten der USA, führt seit über 20 Jahren einen engagierten Kampf gegen Vorurteile, Ignoranz und Rassismus in ihrer Gesellschaft. Was sie nach dem Tode von Martin Luther King jun. 1968 mit ihren Schülern begann, praktiziert sie heute mit Lehrern,...

    93 min 1996

    Blue Eyed

    In less than 15 minutes, Jane Elliott manages with a group of 30 people to build up a realistic microcosm of society day with all its phenomena and emotions. Like the infamous Milgram experiment, even those participants who know the "rules of the game" are unable to remain uninvolved....

    93 min 1996

    Camicie Verdi. Bruciare il tricolore

    In what direction is the Lega Nord going ? Why is their a growing fascist component within this party, while the xenophobic and racist decline is always more visible ? To discover the answer, this documentary takes on a trip inside the heart of the leghista movement, accompanied by a special guide...

    78 min 2006

    Camicie Verdi. Bruciare il tricolore

    Dove sta andando la Lega Nord? Perché al suo interno cresce la componente fascista, mentre l’involuzione xenofoba e razzista diventa sempre più visibile? Per scoprirlo, il documentario ci porta in un viaggio all’interno delle anime del movimento leghista, accompagnati da una guida speciale: l’...

    78 min 2006

    Chi Dichlon - Die Unsichtbaren

    Nach dem Ende der NATO Angriffe auf Jugoslawien im Sommer "99 begann der Exodus der Roma/Zigeuner. Am Schicksal zweier Roma-Familien, die von extremistischen Albanern daran gehindert wurden, in ihr Heimatdorf zurückzukehren, schildert der Film diese ethnische Vertreibung.

    60 min

    Climate for Murder

    16 people killed in Montreal over the course of three years all had one thing in common, they were gay, or their killers thought they were. Of these 16 violent murders, 9 remain unsolved, leading to speculation that a serial killer has been stalking gays, or the police are unable to solve murders...

    60 min 1995

    Con Dax nel cuore

    La madre rievoca con rabbia e disperazione la morte del proprio figlio ucciso qualche giorno prima da fascisti di quartiere. E si ritorna al 23 marzo 2003, ultima giornata trascorsa con Davide Cesare (Dax): in un mattino di sole, i suoi compagni si alternano nel sorreggere la bara, in un corteo...

    83 min 2003


    This sensitive drama tells the story of a couple, Tom and Judy, and the reactions they encounter when they announce their intention to marry, reactions complicated by the fact that Tom is black and Judy is white.

    29 min 1957

    Der Rebell - Neonazi, Terrorist, Aussteiger

    Die dramatische Biografie eines heute geläuterten ehemaligen Rechtsterroristen und seiner Odyssee durch Europa und den Nahen Osten. Eine rechte Karriere: Odfried Hepp war Deutschlands meistgesuchter Neonazi, zur selben Zeit Offizier der Palästinensischen Befreiungsfront und Informant der DDR-...

    90 min 2004

    Dhakiyarr vs the King

    The family of the great Yolngu leader Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda is searching for answers. Seventy years after his controversial murder trial and subsequent disappearance, Dhakiyarr´s body has still not been found. His descendants know that justice was not served. They want to restore what was denied to...

    56 min 2004

    Die Deutschland Akte

    TV-Dokumentation über Antisemitismus in der DDR. Neben der Situation der Juden, die in der DDR gelebt haben, soll es auch um außenpolitische Verflechtungen gehen. Zu den Akteuren zählen Täter und Opfer, Unbekannte und Bekannte wie Edgar Bronfman vom Jüdischen Weltkongress, Heinz Galinski, Stefan...


    Die Vergangenheit ist ein fremdes Land

    Dokumentarfilm über die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts. Portraitiert wird die jüdische Zuwanderung aus der GUS, die Diversifizierung des jüdischen Lebens, die Integration der Juden und ihr Selbstverständnis sowie der Antisemitismus.


    Dream Makers

    From the earliest days of film and television and for decades to follow, the First Nations people were portrayed by the entertainment industry as bloodthirsty savages! Those early days created lasting and damaging images and stereotypes. In this one-hour documentary, an untold story of tragedy and...

    60 min

    Falasha - Exile of the Black Jews

    Landmark feature documentary of the pre-airlift plight of the Black Jews of Ethiopia.

    79 min 1983

    Fine della storia

    Foto. Documenti, testimonianze umilianti. Insostenibili. Serena, una giovane donna, attraversa la sua città, Palermo, portandosi dentro l´ossessione del male che costringe i suoi concittadini a vivere come dentro ad una prigione...

    18 min 2007

    First Encounters

    Part of the series The Migrant Experience This program looks at how immigrants have been received upon their arrival in Australia. It explores the expectations, fears and challenges of these new immigrants in first meetings between new and old settlers as well as the migrants´ desire to play a...

    55 min 1985 The Migrant Experience

    Frammenti Elettrici No 4 No 5 Asia-Africa

    E´ nostra intenzione, come sempre, che i temi delle immagini del passato riflettano il nuovo. Immigrazioni, problemi etnici, razzismo, colonialismo, neocolonialismo. Frammenti Elettrici consiste in materiali d´archivio sul disagio sociale, su differenze tra ´speci umane´. Incontro con l´Altro....


    Geboren in Offenbach

    Ein Porträt über drei Offenbacher Schwestern (19-21 Jahre alt) aus dem Kosovo, die sich nach dem Tod der Eltern als Familien-, Zweck- und Wohngemeinschaft neu aufstellen müssen. Zwischen deutscher Bürokratie, Integrationsförderung und Ausbildung, heimlichen zarten Liebesbeziehungen, heiratswütigen...

    90 min