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    Christy & Emily: Live at Klangbad Festival

    These two female singers from New York City, who also play piano and electric guitar full of reverb, cross the Atlantic this time around with their own band. So, it's very likely that their "urban folk" will be even more compact, infectious and soulful than ever before. Their last...

    64 min 2012

    Christy & Emily: Live at Klangbad Festival

    Die beiden Chanteusen aus New York City, die zusätzlich noch Piano und eine E-Gitarre voller Hall spielen, kommen dieses Mal mit eigener Band über den Atlantik, was ihren ‘Urban Folk’ noch kompakter, noch mitreißender und noch seelenvoller machen dürfte. Ihr letztes Album, beim Klangbad-Label...

    64 min 2012

    CSNY - Déjà Vu

    Seit ihren ersten Auftritten in den späten 60ern gelten Crosby Stills Nash & Young als Sprachrohr ihrer Generation. Mit Songs wie "Ohio" und "Find the Cost of Freedom" wurden sie zu Vorbildern der Protestbewegung gegen den Vietnam-Krieg. Bis heute haben sie ihren politischen...

    92 min 2008

    Freedom Highway

    Songs that Shaped a Century More than any previous age, the twentieth century has been characterised by political uprisings - from the civil rights campaigns of African Americans to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. This film documents the music associated with the great struggles and...

    90 min 2000

    Genghis Blues

    <p>The extraordinary odyssey of a U.S. musician of Cape Verdean ancestry to Tannu Tuva, in central Asia, where nomadic people throat sing more than one note simultaneously, using vocal harmonics. A bluesman, Paul Pena, blind and recently widowed, taught himself throat singing and was by...

    88 min 1999


    A staggering range of music captures the spirit of extraordinary world changes over the last 30 years.

    135 min 2005

    Ohne Filter - Rock, Pop, Jazz & co.

    ´´PURE MUSIC - Rock, Pop, Jazz & Co.´´ presents a series of concerts by various popular bands and musicians of the most diverse kinds. No matter whether you prefer rock, pop, jazz or folk - the over 160 concert recordings offer something for every taste. The series includes, among others,...


    Ohne Filter - Rock, Pop, Jazz & co.

    ´´Ohne Filter´´ und ´´Ohne Filter Extra´´ ist eine musikalische Reihe von Konzerten verschiedener populärer Bands und Musiker der unterschiedlichsten Richtungen. Egal ob Sie Rock, Pop, Jazz oder Folk bevorzugen - die über 160 Konzertaufzeichnungen bieten etwas für jeden Geschmack. Neben anderen...


    Paul Brandt's Christmas in Banff

    There is nothing more festive or more heartwarming than a beautiful mountain setting filled with beautiful music. This what Christmas in Banff with Paul Brandt and Friends is all about. The setting is Banff, Alberta, at a riverside Gazebo surrounded by mountains draped in snow. In front of the...

    60 min

    Sara Evans - Live and Upfront

    Sara Evans: Live and Up Front lets fans get up close and personal with Sara Evans as she performs some of her biggest hits including: Suds In The Bucket, Cheatin’, Real Fine Place to Start, and Born to Fly. Hosted by Central’s Elissa Lansdell, the presentation engages fans with a lively, animated...

    The Blues Story

    Erzählt wird die Geschichte der modernen Popmusik über die Anfänge mit dem Blues-Platten-Label „Chess Records“, den großen schwarzen Bluesmusikern Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf und anderen, bis hin zu den englischen Bands der sechziger Jahre.

    The Rhythm of My Soul - Kentucky Roots Music

    As many or more famous country stars were born and raised in southern and eastern Kentucky as any other place in America. A testament and demonstration of the many aspects of country music: Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, Mountain. Featuring some true national treasures playing and demonstrating...

    60 min 2006

    The Road Hammers - Live and Upfront

    The Road Hammers: Live and Upfront lets fans get up close and personal with the band as they perform some of their biggest hits including: Overdrive, Nashville Bound and Girl on the Billboard. Hosted by Central’s Elissa Lansdell, the presentation engages fans with a lively, animated evening of...

    60 min