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    Ergebnisse 1 - 7 von insgesamt 7 in Rap & Hip Hop
    Gegen die Kultur - Punchlines, Tapes & Fanatismus

    Der Filmemacher Stefan Pethke sammelte über Jahre hinweg originales Filmmaterial aus einer Zeit, in der alles möglich und noch alles anders war. Berliner Rap war verhasst und kein Mensch hat sich einen Scheiß dafür interessiert - zumindest keiner aus der Musikindustrie. Zusammen mit der...

    120 min 2004


    A staggering range of music captures the spirit of extraordinary world changes over the last 30 years.

    135 min 2005

    Just for Kicks

    Since B-Boys first propelled them out of the New York City playgrounds in the 70's, sneakers have morphed from a tool for athletic performance to Hip Hop's cornerstone symbol of cool and an object of obsession for sneakers collectors world wide. Analyzing this global pop culture...

    77 min 2005

    La Luna di Giorno

    In his book Fare un film, Federico Fellini writes of a film project on Totò: "I would have liked to dedicate a small cinematic essay to him, a portrait in motion, that took into account how he was, what he was like inside and out, what his bone structure was like, what his most sensitive...

    40 min 2007

    La Luna di Giorno

    Nel suo libro ´´Fare un film´´, Federico Fellini racconta di un progetto per un film su Totò: ´´Mi sarebbe piaciuto dedicargli un piccolo saggio cinematografico, un ritratto in movimento, che rendesse conto di come era, come era fatto dentro e fuori, quale era la sua struttura ossea, quali erano...

    40 min 2007

    P-Star Rising

    When Jesse discovers that his youngest daughter, Priscilla, can rap and perform, he sees redemption for his own failed music career and financial salvation for his family and commits his life to making her a star. We follow the father-daughter duo through the grit and glamour of the music...

    82 min 2009

    South Coast

    ´It ain´t East Coast. It ain´t West Coast. This is South Coast. Forget the MTV-sponsored images of ghetto superstars and bling - South Coast is a quintessentially British take on hip hop 30 years after it emerged from the Bronx block parties. Three years in the making; this character-driven...

    91 min 2006