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    Ergebnisse 1 - 5 von insgesamt 5 in Seafaring
    Captain Cook - Obsession and Discovery

    "I had ambition not only to go farther than any man had been before, but as far as it was possible for a man to go." James Cook Geographer, historical consultant and bestselling British author Vanessa Collingridge searches for the man behind the legend as she traces his story in a series...

    54 (per episode) min 2007

    Deep Water

    Confronted by a perilous sea, bad weather, an unfinished boat and painfully slow progress, Donald faces an impossible dilemma – to continue into the open ocean with a leaking boat or return home defeated and bankrupt. Using original 16mm footage, tape recordings and interviews, this film...

    92 min 2006

    Quest for Captain Kidd

    Discovery Channel Explorer Barry Clifford and his team find the remains of Captain Kidd’s ship, the Adventure Galley, in a newly discovered pirate graveyard off Madagascar. Narrated by Mel Gibson, Quest for Captain Kidd was the flagship 2001 program for Discovery Channel’s Expedition Quest...

    50 min 2001

    The Real Treasure Island

    Before there was Pirates of the Caribbean, there was Treasure Island. Critics hail it as the most famous pirate story in history. Since its publication over a century ago, Robert Louis Stevenson´s Treasure Island popularized the most potent symbols of pirate lore: swashbuckling seamen, uncharted...

    60 min

    Uncovering a Pirate's Graveyard

    NBC for Discovery News A special on the breaking news of locating Captain Kidd´s ship.

    23 min 2000