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    Ergebnisse 1 - 25 von insgesamt 26 in Personal Memoirs
    13 lat i 10 miesięcy

    Anastazja is almost 14 years old. Her family comes from Belarus, they arrived to Poland seven years ago. When Anastazja was five, she has been diagnosed with mucoviscidosis. The illness is constantly present in her life. The girl recounts how she copes with her incurable disease and the prospect of...

    9 min 2006

    627 lb. Woman - Jackie's Story

    "For many years I tried to pretend that I wasn´t as big as I was. I just want to be like everyone else... I just want to feel human again." In "627 LB Woman: Jackie’s story," we meet a courageous woman the day before she is scheduled to have life-saving bariatric surgery, and...


    Bang! You're Dead

    The remarkable story of Tom Pey, a high-flying investment banker, who learned that he would go blind virtually overnight as a result of a freak childhood accident. Bang! You’re Dead charts his struggle, through despair, depression and alcohol abuse, to re-invent himself and find a place in the...

    52 min 2002

    Beyond The Sea

    Schon als kleiner Junge war Bobby Darin schwer krank. Die Ärzte gaben ihm maximal noch 15 Jahre, doch seine große Liebe, die Musik, hilft ihm dabei die Krankheit zu lindern. Plötzlich geht es für ihn steil bergauf - A star is born! Mit „Splish Splash“ landet er 1958 seinen ersten Hit und wird zum...

    118 min 2004

    Coma - The Journey Back

    Three compelling stories of people who have survived long-term comas and the new lives they try to build for themselves.


    Conjoined at the Head

    Conjoined at the Head explores the life and death challenges faced by craniopagus conjoined twins or those connected at the head. Craniopagus conjoined twins are the rarest and possibly the most difficult to separate. We examine three such sets of twins whose lives unfold in three very different...

    50 min 2005

    Das Schweigen der Ärzte

    Ärzte machen Fehler, wie jeder andere Mensch auch. Dennoch wird über ärztliche Fehler meist geschwiegen. Die Folge: Patienten, die eigentlich nur reden wollen, stoßen auf eine Mauer des Schweigens und ziehen dann vor Gericht. Die Dokumentation von Klaus Balzer geht der Frage nach, was die...


    Der Arzt und das Nomadenmädchen - Schweizer Chirurgen in der Mongolei

    For several years a team of Swiss surgeons and anaesthetists has been supporting the development of medicine in the hospitals of the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator by training Mongolian doctors in an honorary capacity. The film documents the friendship and cooperation between the two children's...

    52 min 2004

    Der Arzt und das Nomadenmädchen - Schweizer Chirurgen in der Mongolei

    <p>Seit mehreren Jahren setzt sich ein Team von Schweizer Chirurgen und An&auml;sthesisten in Krankenh&auml;usern der mongolischen Hauptstadt Ulan Bator f&uuml;r die Weiterentwicklung der hiesigen Medizin ein, indem es mongolische &Auml;rzte unentgeltlich weiterbildet. Der...

    52 min 2004

    Die Krankmacher - Wie aus Gesunden lukrative Patienten werden

    Immer niedrigere Grenzwerte und neue Definitionen von Krankheitsbildern machen uns kränker als wir sind. Der Nutzen ist gering, der Schaden groß. Ressourcen und Gelder für wirklich Kranke schwinden, Ängste wachsen - aber die Profiteure im Gesundheitswesen verschaffen sich so fleißig Marktanteile.

    Die Megaklinik

    The Megahospital is not your usual nurses-doctors-patients dramolet, but a cinematic and realistic narrative about Europe´s largest communal hospital, the "Klinikum Nuernberg", with 39 clinics and institutes. 8,000 people work and live there. The film shows how this microcosm works, what...

    90 min 2004

    Dubiose Nebengeschäfte: Ärzte als Pillenhändler

    Der Arzt soll heilen und nicht verkaufen - so sagt es die Berufsordnung. Dabei geht es nicht zuletzt um Vertrauen. Denn kein Patient soll befürchten müssen, seine Diagnose bekomme er nur, damit der Arzt ihm anschließend die dazu passenden Pillen verkaufen kann. Derartige Geschäfte sind den...


    A personal essay on history and memory. A filmmaker sets out on a quest to understand his father’s past and what it means to be German living in the shadow of history.

    72 min

    Frauen sind anders krank

    The fact is that women are differently ill! Women deal with their body and their psyche differently than men. It is not only ovaries and testicles that make the “slight difference”, but also the size and weight of the body. Admittedly, this is nothing really new. But the problem is that no-one...

    52 min

    Gefährliche Mission: Ärzte in Nord-Norwegen

    Sie sind Ärzte – aber auch Athleten! Mediziner in Nord-Norwegen arbeiten unter extremen Bedingungen. Das Klima und die unzugängliche Landschaft machen Rettungseinsätze daher immer wieder zu einem Wagnis. Wir begleiten einen Arzt in Tromsø, der seit fünf Jahren die akute Abteilung des...


    Gefährliche Mission: Ärzte in Nord-Norwegen

    They are doctors – and at the same time athletes! Physicals in Northern Norway work in extreme conditions. The climate and the inaccessible area let emergency missions consistently be a venture. We accompany a doctor in Tromsø who is in charge of the acute ward of the university hospital. He...


    Kraftquelle Schlaf

    Der Schlaf prägt die Lebensqualität. Gut ausgeschlafen heisst aktiv, aufnahmefähig, gesund zu sein. Die innere Uhr und der Schlafdruck bestimmen, wie viel man schläft. Aber Stress und Sorgen sind Störfaktoren, die es auszuhebeln gilt. Wenn Kinder unruhig sind, bei den Eltern schlafen wollen, wenn...

    31 min 2008 NZZ Format

    Martino Unstrung

    Legendary jazz guitar great Pat Martino underwent brain surgery that saved his life but erased all memory, emotion and the ability to play. There he should have remained yet, after years in the wilderness, he came back with such astonishing power and artistry as to bring into question all the known...

    83 min 2008

    Medizin im 21. Jahrhundert

    Nowadays the most modern diagnosis methods or therapies are used for the research and healing of the so-called common or widespread diseases. Fundamental research with ultra-fast computers and high-resolution tomography grants new insights into the origin of diseases. New medicines with improved...

    129 min 2007

    Medizintourismus – Für Kronen nach Polen

    Für die Zahnkronen nach Polen und für die Stammzellen nach Bangkok - der Gesundheitstourismus boomt. Jeder EU-Bürger kann sich inzwischen in jedem Land der Union medizinisch behandeln lassen. Doch die Rechtslage ist manchmal ziemlich undurchsichtig.

    No Arms Needed - A Hero Among Us

    Marty´s story is one of strength, perseverance and courage. Viewers will never see the hurdles in their own lives the same way after watching Marty. 63 year old Marty Ravellette has lived his entire life without arms. His life has not been easy, but Marty has made the most of it. Fiercely...


    Tell It Like It Is

    Tell It Like It Is is an innovative thirteen-part documentary series that embraces the basic human desire to share stories. Each episode cuts between two or three real women, telling a range of engaging personal stories. 13 Episodes

    390 min 2003

    This Man's Journey

    In 2003, on his way home to Berkshire Ben Brown, 18, was hit by an intercity train traveling at 220 km/h. He recovered in no time despite the chance of losing his life at its highest.

    3 min 2005

    Unknown White Male

    What would it be like if you woke up tomorrow with no memory of today or any day since your birth? What would it be like to live without a history, without your experiences, relationships or past troubles? How would you feel if you could start your life over again, make a new set of friends,...

    89 min 2005

    Unmasked - Treacher Collins Syndrome

    One in ten thousand children are born with Treacher Collins, a syndrome that creates a very distinct appearance... There is a group of people born with a genetic disorder so rare, most of us have never seen anyone like them. For these individuals, every day is spent confronting and conquering the...

    50 min 2004