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Der Arzt und das Nomadenmädchen - Schweizer Chirurgen in der Mongolei

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    For several years a team of Swiss surgeons and anaesthetists has been supporting the development of medicine in the hospitals of the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator by training Mongolian doctors in an honorary capacity. The film documents the friendship and cooperation between the two children's surgeons Beat Kehrer from Switzerland and Dr. Tumennasan from Mongolia. In Tumennasan's children's hospital the Swiss doctor encounters the everyday problems of his Mongolian colleagues. There he also gets to know Saichan, a nomad girl, whose operation he will monitor. Saichan has taken leave of her tent and the many animals and, accompanied by her family, she is now in the capital to be operated on for a congenital defect. Two worlds, which could not be more different, confront each other: the world of the Swiss surgeon and the archaic world of the steppe-dwellers. Despite the differences there are points of contact which are both fascinating and thrilling for Beat Kehrer.
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    Development Aid
    Runtime (in min.):52
    Format:Digital Betacam
    Year Of Production:2004
    Countries of Production:Switzerland
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    Production Company:

    SF DRS


    Helen Stehli Pfister


    Helen Stehli Pfister

    Medicine; Doctor; Development Aid; Asia; Mongolia; Health; Nomad
    Rescue & Aid Organizations, Geography, Travel & Cultures, Asia, Other Asian Countries, Health, Medical Science & Psychology, Personal Memoirs