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Deep Water

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Deep WaterEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Set against the backdrop of the turbulent 1960s, Deep Water is the stunning true story of Donald Crowhurst, a free-thinking electronics inventor who enters the most daring nautical race ever, the very first Sunday Times Golden Globe solo, non-stop, round-the-world yacht race. Crowhust - driven by a desire to prove to the world that with the help of his revolutionary invention, an on-board computer, one could sail the seas effortlessly - readies his trimaran to set sail by the late summer deadline. As the race progresses, Crowhurst´s reports of his positions at sea put him as the clear leader on elapsed time. Headline after headline is being printed - not just in Britain but across the world. Crowhurst is fast becoming the darling of the media, hailed as a nautical wonder. But as the world waits on tenterhooks for this extraordinary man to cross the finishing line and sail into port to a hero´s welcome, the jaw-dropping truth is revealed.
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Yacht Race
Runtime (in min.):90
Year Of Production:2005
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

APT Films

Darlow Smithson

Film Subsidy:

British Council

Sailing; Race; Yacht Race; History; Biographies; Media; Sports
Traffic & Transport, Ships, Discoveries, Expeditions & Inventions, Explorers & Expeditions, Sports, Aquatics, Olympic Games & Championships