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Days That Shook the World


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Days That Shook the WorldEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Episodes include: - The Coronation/The Death of Diana - Tutankhamun´s Tomb/Deciphering the Rosetta Stone - The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand/The Death of Hitler - Kristallnacht/The Birth of Israel - The Assassination of Rev Martin Luther King/The Release of Nelson Mandela - Fermi/Chernobyl - Chuck Yeager and Donald Campbell - Spy Case: Gary Powers - The Christmas Truce - Attack on Pearl Harbor - Conspiracy to Kill: The Real Day of the Jackal & Wolf´s Lair - Terror- Made in America: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln & Oklahoma City Bombing - The Cost of Betrayal - Burgess and Maclean - Fact or Fiction: The War of the Worlds and the Hitler Diaries - The War to End All Wars - Let Freedom Ring - Battle for the Midway - Road to Revolution - The Overthrow of Ceaucescu - Affairs of the Crown - Black September Hijackings/Lockerbie - Concorde/MArconi - Disaster in the Skies - Faster Than Sounds - Hiroshima - JFK - Nixon - Rule of the Gun - The Boston Tea Party/The Independence of India - The Great Train Robbery - The OK Corral/St. Valentines Day Massacre - The Oklahoma City Bombing - The Romanovs/The Berlin Wall - The Theft of the Crown Jewels - Trials of Gallileo
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Year Of Production:2003
: Australia:M
Portraits & Biographies, Politics & Economics, History, Natural Scientists & Explorers, Scientists & Inventors, History, First World War ( WWI ), Second World War ( WWII ), Contemporary History, European History, North American History : USA & Canada, Royal Houses, Sovereigns & Dynasties, Politics, Politicians & Heads of State, Heads of State, US Politicians, Presidents & Secretaries, Terrorism, Society & Social Life, Acting & Showbiz