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Adventure Freedom - Friedrich Schiller

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    On 13th January 1782, the drama ´´The Robbers´´ has its premiere in Mannheim. The author is an unknown regimental doctor from Stuttgart, not yet 23 years old: Friedrich Schiller. The impassioned rebellion against tyranny and despotism, the call for the individual's right to the pursuit of happiness and personal freedom made Friedrich Schiller overnight the star of the Storm and Stress movement and a successful writer throughout Germany. His enthusiastic advocacy of freedom, whether for mankind or for himself, is to become Schiller's intellectual pivot, the driving force of his life and work. Friedrich Schiller wrought this work, which has rendered him immortal, from an ailing body on which death had already cast its shadow - a race against time. The film focuses on the fate and the life of the man who, together with Goethe, founded the Weimar Classic. The aim of this historical documentary is to portray the man Friedrich Schiller as he lived and loved, with all his passions, yearnings, depths, escapades and aberrations. The film uses authentic sources, sites, events, documents and, of course, Schiller's work. Furthermore, fictional elements, emotional or dramatic re-enacted scenes from Schiller's everyday life, breathe life into the biography, thus conveying a vivid picture of this great personality of German cultural history.
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    Runtime (in min.):55
    Format:Digital Betacam
    Year Of Production:2005
    Countries of Production:Germany
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    Schiller; Goethe; Literature; Poet; Writer; actor; artiost; Art; Theater;
    Portraits & Biographies, Culture : Art, Literature, Music, Film, Literature, Writers & Poets, On Literature