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Columbus - Secrets from the Grave

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Columbus - Secrets from the GraveEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Columbus is celebrated as the founding father of the new world. Yet for all his fame, he kept a closely guarded secret: his identity. Could he once have been a pirate? An enemy of the state? Even a Jew hiding from the terror of the Spanish Inquisition? The secret of Columbus´ true identity went with him to the grave. But now a scientific team has exhumed his remains to discover the truth. Can an investigation by historian Charles Merrill and the latest scientific techniques reveal who the real Columbus was and solve the 500-year-old mystery of his origins? This film was the Discovery Channel´s highest rating special of the year.
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New World
the Americas
Spanish Inquisition
American History
European History
Runtime (in min.):60
Year Of Production:2004
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

Atlantic Productions


Lisa Harney


Lisa Harney

Columbus; New World; the Americas; Spanish Inquisition; American History; European History; History
Portraits & Biographies, Natural Scientists & Explorers, History, Early Modern Times, Discovery & Conquest of America, European History, Spain & Portugal, Conquistadors & the Discovery of America, North American History : USA & Canada, Discovery & Conquest of North America, History of the Americas / South America / Latin America, Discovery & Conquest of South America, Discoveries, Expeditions & Inventions, Explorers & Expeditions