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Chop Suey - No Thanks! - A Journey To China's True Culinary Delights

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    Food is the expression of the Chinese art of living. Cuisine chinoise - cookery in the Middle Kingdom - is as mysterious and exciting as this enormous country is diverse and multi-facetted. Most Chinese chefs keep their recipes a secret. They cultivate an ancient culinary heritage which is thousands of years old and which they consider to be one of the greatest cultural achievements of their country. Not to be compared with the stir-fry dishes à la Chop Suey, with which Chinese emigrants have conquered the world. A film journey leads to China's genuine culinary delicacies, with the camera peeking over the shoulder of first-rate chefs, hot food stall owners and normal people while they cook. The film team thus succeeds in gaining deep insights into China's culinary culture. In the South the food is fresh and exotic, in the North rather hearty, in the West fiery-hot and in the East light and sweet-sour. Through the opulent images we get acquainted with an unknown China full of delicious tidbits. What is to be discovered here has nothing to do with menus in European restaurants. To eat in China is not only the greatest pleasure, but also the finest way to get to know the country, its people and its traditions.
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    Runtime (in min.):60
    Year Of Production:2005
    Countries of Production:Germany
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    China; Asia; Food; Delicious; Restaurant; Sweet; recipe; Cook; Kitchen; Eating; Fast Food; East; West
    Geography, Travel & Cultures, Asia, China, Food & Diet, Food & Products, Cooking & Catering, Regional Specialties, Cooking Program