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Bloody Meat

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Bloody MeatEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
This documentary on the large-scale fraud with meat describes the mafia-like structures founded by some meat traders, to make huge profits with fraudulent import and export-restitutions paid by the European Commission. A "pentiti" explains how the system works. An ex-employee tells her breathtaking experience of terror on the factory-floor where illegally imported meat was transformed into European meat. A shipping-agent explains that the fraud cannot be stopped without the collapse of the entire European transport sector. A Russian meat importer went almost bankrupt when he bought a load of meat which appeared not to be suited for human consumption. Kanakna´s team bought 4 metric tons of American meat, confiscated by customs officials, undercover. It was very easy to buy this load and sell it in the EU. Bloody Meat is a story of the bewildering reality of what will be one of the biggest scandals of the nineties.
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Runtime (in min.):40
Format:Digital Betacam
Year Of Production:1996
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

Kanakna Productions

Meat; Nature; Animals; Health; Business; Trade; Fraud; Scandal
Economics, Companies & Finances, Agriculture, Livestock Bredding & Fisheries, Law & Justice, Food & Diet, Food & Products