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Blood Brothers

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Blood BrothersEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
A series containing Broken English, Freedom Ride, From Little Things, Big Things Grow, Jardiwarnpa - A Warlpiri Fire Ceremony Four extraordinary stories of Aboriginal Australia are told in this acclaimed series from producers/directors Ned Lander and Rachel Perkins. Blood Brothers documents and dramatises important Indigenous stories with a personal focus. It tells the stories of an outspoken civil rights leader, an influential musician and songwriter, a man sentenced for a crime he says he didn´t commit and a law man and elder who introduces us to his community´s fire ceremony. Through these real-life experiences, the series examines the oppression, resistance and survival of the Aboriginal people and shows what Aboriginality - both contemporary and traditional - is all about. Produced by City Pictures in association with SBS Indigenous Unit. Made with the participation of the Australian Film Finance Corporation. Developed with the assistance of the NSW Film and Television Office.
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Australian Culture
Indigenous People
Year Of Production:1993
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Film Australia

Australia; Aboriginies; Art; History; Australian Culture; Indigenous People; Civil Rights; Law; Oppression; Tradition
History, History of Australia & New Zealand, Aboriginal Peoples / Aborigines & Maori, Society & Social Life, Racism & Extremism, Art, Photography & Museums, Delinquency & Violence, Law & Justice, Geography, Travel & Cultures, Australia & New Zealand