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Berlin Babylon

Versions of this FilmLanguage (Type)
Berlin BabylonGerman (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Berlin BabylonEnglish (subtitled)Wo gibt's den Film?
Berlin after the Wall came down. Observations on radical reconstruction of a city core. Images of the conflict between the thirst for demolition and the hunger for completion. Edited into a documentary vision. Since the Wall fell in 1989, the German capital has been trying to overcome its catastrophic past, to restore the urban fabric destroyed in the 20th century, to build as if life depended on it, and to cast off the shadows of yesterday's darkness. The film shows fascinating images of a city in transition. It is the drama of real estate, of money and power. Prominent architects, developers, politicians and urban planners are seen at work. No interviews, no statements. The music provides the commentary. The Babylonian fable of civilization, of the violence of construction, lives on in reunited Berlin. The upheaval turns to stone.
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Iron Curtain
Runtime (in min.):88
Aspect Ratio:1:1.85
Soundformat:Dolby Stereo SR
Year Of Production:1996
People featured in the FilmTypeComment
Günter Behnischinterviewee 
Helmut Jahninterviewee 
Josef P. Kleihüsinterviewee 
Rem Koolhaasinterviewee 
Leoh Ming Peiinterviewee 
Renzo Pianointerviewee 
Axel Schultesinterviewee 
Angela Winklerinterviewee 
Festivals & Award CeremonyYearStatusAward
Berlin International Film Festival2001screened
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

S.U.M.O. Film

Philip Gröning Filmproduktion (co-production)

Film Subsidy:

Filmbüro NW

Berlin; Mega-City; Wall; Iron Curtain; East; GDR; Society; Separation; History; Architecture;
History, European History, Germany, German Cities, Architecture & Buildings