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The Attempt On Adenauer´s Life

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    Attentat auf AdenauerGerman (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
    The Attempt On Adenauer´s LifeEnglish (dubbed)Wo gibt's den Film?
    On March 27th, 1952, in Munich, a plan to assassinate Chancellor Konrad Adenauer is to be put into operation. A young man is to deliver the bomb. The terror attack comes to an unexpected end on the very same day. The search for the perpetrator is to last for decades - and ends with no results. Not until 50 years later, in the winter of 2002, did the journalist Henning Sietz, author of the sensational non-fiction book ´´Assassination Attempt On Adenauer´´ stumble across the investigation file in a public archive. With many photos and details it reveals the leads and wrong tracks followed by the police over almost ten years in their unflagging search for the perpetrators. Film-maker Matthias Unterberg joined forces with Henning Sietz to pick up the traces of this long forgotten criminal case from the year 1952. As a result of meticulous archive research in Germany, the USA, France and Israel, after many talks with contemporary witnesses and participants, they succeeded in reconstructing the secret story of a political assassination attempt in a documentary which is both exciting and thoroughly researched - with surprising results.
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    Runtime (in min.):44
    Format:Digital Betacam
    Year Of Production:2005
    Companies & Organizations
    Production Company:

    Ziegler Film GmbH


    Matthias Unterburg


    Henning Sietz

    Assassination; Murder; Victim; Bomb
    History, European History, Germany, After 1945 & the Beginnings of the Federal Republic of Germany, Delinquency & Violence, Law & Justice