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Apollo 13 - The Inside Story

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Apollo 13 - The Inside StoryEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
One-Hour Special for five / Discovery Channel / La7 FremantleMedia
When a violent explosion tore through the fragile skin of the Apollo 13 spacecraft 200,000 miles from earth in April 1970, NASA mounted the most dramatic rescue mission in the history of human exploration. For the
first time, Apollo 13 astronauts James Lovell and Fred Haise, and their flight controllers, reveal just how close they came to disaster, the devastating extent of the damage, and the inside story of how human ingenuity overcame adversity. This is the ultimate survival story, in which three people´s lives hung by a thread, with oxygen running out, hundreds of thousands of miles out in space.
´Good documentary... Fascinating interviews with those involved... Worth catching´ - The Observer
´An extraordinary account... describes it all in chilling detail using key sources... fascinating stuff´ - Time Out
´Totally gripping... the story is told with exemplary clarity and vividness´ - Evening Standard
´An informative film on the nail-biting few days when part of the moon-bound spaceship exploded and the brave astronauts inside somehow navigated their way back to earth´ - The Daily Telegraph
´You´d think that there would be nothing new to reveal about the near-disaster that occurred in April 1970, but you´d be wrong´ - Daily Mail
´Interviews with the mission controller and the astronauts who so nearly perished after their spaceship exploded gives the programme a sense of immediacy´ - The Sunday Times
´The bravery of those involved never fails to fascinate´ - Daily Express
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Astronautic Mission
Runtime (in min.):60
Year Of Production:2007
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Production Company:

Atlantic Productions

NASA; Apollo; Astronauts; Astronautic Mission; Technology; Discoveries; Moon; Natural Science; Engineering
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