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Amazonas - Auf der Spur des roten Goldes

The rainforests of the Amazon Basin hide a treasure, which many pharmacologists and geneticists believe will some day be worth by far more than the gold and the silver that was long ago stolen by the Spanish and the Portuguese. Blood, this very special juice, is highly sought after, especially when it comes from so-called primitive peoples. Through the genetic information of the Indian peoples of the Amazon, scientists are hoping to gain access to the development of medicaments against Cancer, HIV, and other illnesses. This bloodletting often entails severe consequences for the Indian peoples. On behalf of pharmacy companies, scientists are trying to come into contact with shamans and medicine men, seeking to gain knowledge of the virtues of plants and insect toxins. "But that is not enough. They often export the raw materials illegally", protectors of the Indian territories claim. The team accompanies Sydney Possuelo, a passionate activist for the rights of the natives, on his dangerous mission into the last threatened paradises of the rainforest. In this unfathomable wilderness, where still today peoples exist who have rarely seen a white man at all, the hunt for the bio-pirates is hardly more than a game of chance. Sydney has taken up the fight: he and his small team of members of the FUNAI, the office for the protection of the Indian peoples, guard the borders of the reservation, and he is the only white man in close contact with them. The film crew accept the challenge and relate their impressions, e.g. of the Zoë, a small group, who have kept their knowledge of the healing powers of nature alive in various rituals. Nobody knows the Amazon Basin better than Sydney Possuelo, the patron saint of the Indians, and thus we partake in a rare and exclusive journey into the magical world of the Amazon Basin.
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South America
Runtime (in min.):45
Year Of Production:2003
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TV PremiereGermany17.08.2003ZDF
South America; Medicine; Research; Illness; DNA; Natives; Rainforest; Blood; Future; Health
Nature, Environment & Ecology, Geography, Travel & Cultures, South America, Health, Medical Science & Psychology, Cancer, HIV / AIDS, Alternative Medicine