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Altitude Everest Expedition 2007

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Altitude Everest Expedition 2007English (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Follow the Altitude Everest Expedition 2007 moment by moment as Conrad Anker leads a team retracing the last journey of legendary explorer George Mallory. In a golden age of exploration, Mallory was the pioneering adventurer who dared to reach into the world´s last great untouched wilderness. But in June 1924 Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew ´Sandy´ Irvine disappeared into the clouds just 800 feet from the summit of Everest. In 1999 Conrad Anker found Mallory´s body. Now he returns with a group of world class climbers, including Leo Houlding, to explore the mystery Mallory and Irvine left behind - could they been the first men to reach the highest place in the world? Experience their climb as it happens with daily video clips, photos, an expedition diary and blogs posted daily.
´The expedition will provide a new sense of the effects which the climb took on its famous predecessors... It might be as close as anyone will get to understanding the physical toll exacted on two of the most celebrated men in mountaineering history´ - The New York Times
´In true web 2.0 fashion the production company is going uber-interactive with a website monitoring the ascent at www.ueverest.com´ - The Guardian
´Two climbers showed yesterday that Mallory and his pal may actually have been on their way down when they perished´ - The Sun, 15th June 2007
´The most well-documented expedition to the mountain´s summit´ - The Courier Journal
´Thanks to the internet. you can track the group´s progress. right down to the climbers´ heart rates, from the comfort of your desk´ - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
´It´s one of those sites where you just keep finding more and more stuff to sneak a look at´ - Outdoors Magic.com
´The site may be the best in the history of Everest´ - riskru.com
´This old-school summit bid has a decidedly modern website´ - OutDoorNewsWire.com
´Climb the world´s highest mountain peak, without leaving your comfy chair´ - appscout.com
´If its primary objective in retracing their doomed 1924 attempt has been to generate publicity, then it has been a triumph. I would not attempt the ascent, but I would hire the PR team´ - The Guardian
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Mount Everest
George Mallory
Year Of Production:2007
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Conrad Anker 
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Atlantic Productions

Altitude Films

Mount Everest; Mountaineering; Himalaya; Expedition; George Mallory; Travel; Asia
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