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High-Altitude Euphoria - With Reinhold Messner in den Dolomiten

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Alpenglühen: HöhenrauschGerman (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
High-Altitude Euphoria - With Reinhold Messner in den DolomitenEnglish (subtitled)Wo gibt's den Film?
Reinhold Messner is not a writer. At least not in the sense that he sits at a desk and creates imaginary worlds to present to his readers in well-chosen words and skilfully crafted phrases. What Reinhold Messner writes about is almost always something he has experienced himself. Yet his work as an author goes far beyond the mere description of adventures: with advancing age he sees his extreme tours almost as philosophical enterprises, and in this assessment he is not alone. If it is the task of literature to present people in extreme situations, in situations that reveal something of the human spirit and of people’s attitudes to the world they live in, then Reinhold Messner is a most important writer. For him Mount Everest is a psychological problem. And the actually senseless effort of mountain climbing becomes for Messner a symbol of the modern world. Andreas Ammer’s portrait shows Messner not only in extreme situations such as below the peaks of the Himalayas, but also at home in his Juval Castle near Bolzano, where Messner lives, writes and plans his projects, which include most recently a large alpine museum. The film also returns with Messner to the roots of his unparalleled career: in a helicopter Messner approaches the rocky walls of the Dolomites where he once learned to climb.
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Runtime (in min.):43
Countries of Production:Germany
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Andreas Ammer


Andreas Ammer

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