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Al Andalus - Palace On Wheels

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    Al AndalusGerman (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
    Al Andalus - Palace On WheelsEnglish (dubbed)Wo gibt's den Film?
    See Andalusia - in a palace on wheels. This possibility is offered by the ´´Al Andalus Expreso´´ - a historic train, used in the past by the British royal family when travelling on holiday from Calais to the Cote d'Azur. Nowadays it tours for one week to Andalusia's most important cities, travelling through the most beautiful landscapes. With great attention to detail the tour operator creates a pleasantly exclusive atmosphere. The entire ambience is in the style of the twenties and thirties - for this is the era when the carriages were built. The cuisine is excellent: every evening one dines à la carte. The round trip starts in Sevilla - a city worth visiting a few days in advance. From there the historic train travels into the interior. ´´Al Andalus´´ - this was what the Muslims called the south of the Iberian peninsula where they settled. It means ´´Land of the Vandals´´. One of the many ports of call on the journey is Córdoba. No other Andalusian city testifies so clearly to the different cultural epochs of southern Spain. Córdoba's showpiece is the former mosque and present-day cathedral - a virtually unparalleled example of a perfect blend of Arab and Christian architecture.
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    Runtime (in min.):43
    Year Of Production:2004
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    Jochen Müller


    Jochen Müller

    Andalusia; Train; Hotel; Trip; Landscape; Europe; Twenties; Thirties; Spain;
    Architecture & Buildings, Engineering, Traffic & Energy, Traffic & Transport, Railways, Geography, Travel & Cultures, Europe, Spain