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Africa - Wild Ethiopia

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    Afrika - Wildes ÄthiopienGerman (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
    Africa - Wild EthiopiaEnglish (subtitled)Wo gibt's den Film?
    The Ethiopian highlands are breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains are covered by fertile greenery up to the peaks. Lush grass and all kinds of root systems and tubers grow on the upland pastures. They are coveted by the unique animals that live in this region. The gelada baboons defy the wild storms and the damp mists. With their shaggy fur they have adjusted well to the climate. In the valleys, in contrast, it is sultry and hot. This is the home of some really wild ethnic tribes such as the Mursi. The greatest pride of a Mursi woman is her large lipplate. Her ears are also adorned with these ornaments. Like most indigenous tribes in Africa the Mursi live from their few cows and whatever mother nature has to offer them. At the river delta of the Jade Sea (aka Lake Turkana) people are collecting honey. The river delta has dried up. But the women know exactly where they can still find water under the sand. The bush-land of the river delta is the habitat of diverse animal species. A film about the real Africa – that is threatening to disappear in the era of globalisation.
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    Runtime (in min.):52
    Countries of Production:Germany
    Germany: Freigegeben ohne Altersbeschränkung
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    Production Company:

    Mountain Pictures


    Hans Jöchler


    Hans Jöchler

    Africa; Mountains; Nature; Animals; Trip; Journey; Ethiopia; Moneky;
    Animals, Wildlife, African Wildlife, Geography, Travel & Cultures, Africa, North Africa, East Africa