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Africa United

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Africa UnitedEnglish (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Zico came to Iceland from Morocco to seek his fortune. After ten years running his own small business, Zico goes bankrupt. Desperate and depressed he decides to fire up his amateur team called Africa United and take them into the semi-professional third division. He calls upon immigrants all over Iceland, players from Morocco, Nigeria,
Colombia, Serbia, Kosovo, Gambia and Guinea to help realize his vision. The road to success is rocky and midseason
Africa United has lost all games; their best player walks out and Zico decides to meet his role-model in football in
England for advice. Having done so, he comes back with fresh ideas on how to approach his goals in life and football.
AFRICA UNITED takes us on an enchanting journey into the dreams and aspirations of a football-crazy coach and his colorful ensemble of players who have to overcome their egos - and hot blood - for a true team spirit. Eventually, the barren country of Iceland may be the unifying factor, when they leave history, race and religion behind to seek victory on the fields and fulfillment in their lives. Icelandic Director Olaf Johannesson has delivered a lively and upbeat documentary that is not so much about learning but more about feeling and sharing a small and simple dream.
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Runtime (in min.):82
Aspect Ratio:1:1.85
Soundformat:Dolby Digital
Year Of Production:2005
Countries of Production:Iceland
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

Poppoli Pictures

Zik Zak Filmworks (Co-Production)

Football, Iceland, Soccer, Team, Division, Foreign, Dream, Training
Society & Social Life, Emigration & Immigration, Geography, Travel & Cultures, Europe, Scandinavia, Sports, Ball Games