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Tenth District Court

Versions of this FilmLanguage (Type)
10e Chambre instants d'audiencesFrench (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Tenth District CourtEnglish ()Wo gibt's den Film?
Between May through July 2003, Raymond Depardon and his crew got special authorization to film the hearings at the 10th district court in Paris. Ten years after “Caught in the Acts,” the filmmaker pursues his investigations into civic matters with this unexpected account the judicial system at work. From a simple summons for driving while under the influence of alcohol to those brought before the court during the night, “10e Chambre” takes us into the heart of the daily activity of a courtroom: twelve cases, twelve stories of men and women who, one day, find themselves in court.
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Runtime (in min.):105
Soundformat:Dolby Stereo
Year Of Production:2004
Countries of Production:France
World Premiere:Cannes Film Festival 01.05.2004 Cannes, France
People featured in the FilmTypeComment
Michèle Bernard-Requin 
: Brazil:10: Switzerland:7 (canton of Geneva): Switzerland:7 (canton of Vaud)
Justice; Court Of Law; Crime; People; Stories
Society & Social Life, Delinquency & Violence, Law & Justice