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Arabian Nights

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1001 Traum - Mit der Bagdadbahn durch den OrientGerman (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
Arabian NightsEnglish ()Wo gibt's den Film?
Foreign Title: 
Arabian Nights
A railway line from Berlin to Baghdad was Kaiser
Wilhelm II.´s big dream. At the end of the 19th Century,
he wanted to expand into Asia Minor and link Germany
to the Persian Gulf. The construction of the Baghdad
Railway was one of the main controversies between
Great Powers on the eve of the First World War.
Starting in 1903, construction on the legendary rail line
was finally to last almost 37 years, interrupted by WW I
and local unrest. The daring plan was not conceived by
the German Kaiser, however, but by the Ottoman Sultan
Abdul Hamid II., who wanted to better consolidate his
vast empire. To this end, he forged an alliance with Berlin
that left the other European powers worried. The work
was financed by German banks, and German engineers
and firms handled the construction. From rails to bolts
and locomotives, everything was brought in from the
German Reich. The line runs from Berlin via Vienna,
Belgrade, Sophia, Constantinople, and Anatolia to
Damascus in Syria and Baghdad in Iraq. Today, the "Taurus
Express" and the "Arabian Nights Special Express" still
traverse parts of this amazing 1200 mile railway.
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Runtime (in min.):44
Year Of Production:2008
Countries of Production:Germany
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Sarländischer Rundfunk


Susanne Gebhardt

Emperor; Kaiser; Berlin; Germany; Iraq; Train; Railway; Middle East; Empire; Engineer;
History, Industrialization, First World War ( WWI ), Engineering, Traffic & Energy, Traffic & Transport, Railways