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100% Human

Versions of this FilmLanguage (Type)
100% MenneskeNorwegian (original)Wo gibt's den Film?
100% HumanEnglish (subtitled)Wo gibt's den Film?
Foreign Title: 
100% Human
When Monica was born, her parents believed she was a boy.
They named her Morten. In April 2002 Monica, then 22, had her body surgically corrected to make it fit her real sex. Her mother believes the alternative would have been a grave.

Most of us can relate to a search
for a true identity. Very few have to endure surgery to get to this goal. But to experience loss, fear, joy, sorrow and lust on this journey is something we all have in common. This is an exciting and tender experience about Monica who really knows what it takes to become oneself.

Monica has been confiding in a camera during the months
before and after her operation. This has become a rare video
diary. Her total honesty, sense of humour, and direct way of telling things as they are will break down myths and prejudice on people in her situation.

100% HUMAN consists of an unusual mix of genres. The personal video diary, musical performances, re-enactments and traditional cinema-verite scenes. Monica´s musical numbers adds depth to her story in a very poetic and untraditional way. This way the film challenge the traditional documentary in the same way Monica challenges traditional gender definitions.
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Runtime (in min.):73
Aspect Ratio:1:1.85
Soundformat:Dolby Stereo SR
Year Of Production:2004
Countries of Production:Norway
Companies & Organizations
Production Company:

Dalchows Verden


Jan Dalchow


Trond Winterkjær

Jan Dalchow


Frank Alvegg


Stein B. Svendsen

Gender; Family; Transsexuality; Operation; Sex; Society;
Society & Social Life, Love & Sexuality, Homosexuality & Bisexuality, Transsexuality